Thursday, October 23, 2008

My adventures out of the closet number 199

In a strange turn of events my Baba called me today and basically asked if i had a boyfriend. I think this was more out of a need to confirm as i had never directly stated anything to her or my aunts and uncles. I just assumed they all figured it out when they met Greg at my birthday party and at thanksgiving.

She asked if thats the way it was going (in reference to me being gay) and if i was still looking for a girlfriend and she threw out a how did this happen? for good measure.

I told her that nothing happened and this was just the way things are.
I knew this was going too smoothly.


April said...

dont worry, it will get better! Your wonderful, un-wed knocked up cousin is coming home next week so that should take some pressure off.

Allan S. said...

She's trying to understand and accept things within the context of her time and upbringing. She loves you. Never worry.