Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Raging Grannies

This post is in honour of my recently deceased Great Grandma Christopher. The world is a less interesting place without her and she will be missed very much. She lived a hard life but a very full one. Nothing I say or type will really give a good picture of the woman she was.

Instead check out this blog i stumbled upon. These ladies remind me of her. Funny and about as real as you can get.

I am unable to go to Kelowna for her funeral Thursday as I simply cannot get time off work (as it is I will likely be here very late tonight and tomorrow.

As for how I am doing with everything crashing down the last week or two all i can say is that these two words are getting me through.

Know hope.


Greg said...

That is one seriously cool blog! If those two old biddies remind you of your Great Grandma, then the world has indeed lost one of the good ones.

Very bad timing with this project at work popping up at the same time as the funeral, especially after your week last week. Hang in there though stud... you'll make it through, and you know I've always got your back.

Anonymous said...

Losing your great-Grandma will leave a void in your life that no one else can fill.
Here is a song that the Raging Grannies sing when one of our members passes on. Perhaps it will provide you with some comfort.
Wishing you peace....

Her Song Goes On
(Tune: “The Water is Wide”)

Does her song die
When a Gran is gone?
Or does her melody live on?
I think when she’s
No longer bound
To this troubled Earth
Her song goes on.

Her songs helped quench
The flames of war,
And stilled the tyrants evermore.
And through the strife
We hear her still,
And so we know
Her song goes on.

The songs she sang
While with us here,
Still bring a smile,
A laugh, a tear…
And those she touched
Must surely know
’Though she is gone,
Her song goes on.

Lyrics by Rose DeShaw, Laureen Martin, and Vicki Ryder

April said...

I'm soo sorry about you and your families loss, she was a wonderful woman who will be truly missed. Love to you, your parents and lil bro. Miss you, maybe we can get together next week when I'm in town, the baby still hasn't tried Dim Sum ( hint, hint).

Torrie said...

Ok, I now have a new blog I have to read... so cute!

Sorry to hear about your great granny, she sounds like she was awesome...

Allan S. said...

So sorry to hear of the loss to you and your family. I'm sending you healing!