Monday, October 20, 2008

You lose some...

The weekend was a bit of a roller coaster for me. On Friday my best friend since i was in grade 11 and I had a massive argument that led to a rather calm discussion about how we had grown apart and how each of us feels we have nothing in common with each other anymore. She is uncomfortable with the way my politics are shifting and worried that I am making myself a target in some way. She worries about my choices and opinions on religion and I have grown tired of the coldness and the wall she has up the odd time we hang around.

This has been building for the past three years and I was glad to get it off my chest and I think she was as well. When it came to what we should do about the gap between us she basically said she didn't think we need to do anything. I was willing to try but I think that speaks volumes about how far apart we are on everything.

Things change people change and as such relationships even the ones we see as the bedrocks of your social network can rapidly change. I think all the changes in the last few months have really gotten me to a place where I can react to change in a far healthier manner than I used to.

I will cherish the friendship we had but I won't be mourning its loss or reduction.

On the plus side Greg and I had a couple of new friends come up from red deer. They are a great couple and we had a fantastic time together.

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Allan S. said...

And, then you gain some. Still the lost is none the less troubling. Y'all were so mature about it all. Don't be surprised if your paths cross again, yet, be okay if they don't.