Thursday, November 13, 2008

impending dooooooom

I couldnt sleep last night. Partially because I worked out too hard on my home gym and now every inch of my body is incredibly sore and partially because I had two huge meetings today.

The first one went really well. The other one is happening as I type this. Why am I not in it?

Good question imaginary audience, let me explain.

We are having some massive difficulties with our developer. This was my first big development project and the company we contracted out is not filling there end of the deal. Fingers are starting to be pointed. Today was supposed to be a meeting between me our vp and the ceo of the dev company. It turns out that the devs don't want me there.

I know they are going to try and pin the blame on me for something. I am not worried about what they are going to say, more annoyed at they had the gall to do that and that things have gotten this bad?

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