Thursday, November 20, 2008

My adventures out of the closet number 281

Every year I spend a whole day putting up my Baba's Christmas decorations. She loves Christmas and has at least a millions ornaments, villages wreaths and trees. Its a big job and she usually rewards me with 2 home cooked Ukrainian meals and a 20 slipped into my coat pocket when she thinks no one is looking.

A couple of weeks ago (this post) she asked me if I had a boy friend. We had a bit of a chat mostly with her asking WHYYYYYYYYY?

Well today I called her to book a time for me to come over to help put up decorations. All i have left this week is Saturday during the day so Greg would be coming over to help as well.

I mentioned this to her and she got all emotional.
Here were her list of statements and questions:
Why are you doing this?
What happend to you?
This is still going on?
You sure you wont change your mind?
Does your Mother know?
What did she say?
I bet she is not happy?
Aren't you worried about getting AIDS?
Oh why oh why?
Maybe next year you will change your mind?
Please change your mind for me?
I am soo worried about this.
Does your Dad know?
What does he think?
Then she proceeded to repeat the above questions in random order. There was only so much I could say while at work but I gave mostly one word answers and solid statements like "that is just the way it is and always has been".

I was doing pretty well till the AIDs statement. It made me realize that I have a big educational job ahead of me when it comes to my older relatives.

What is heartwarming from this whole exchange is the amount she was genuinely concerned for my well being. Her intentions are good I know, but I can't help feeling a little frustrated.

Why does every step have to be so much god damn work, like I don't have enough on my plate.

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Allan S. said...

It will get better. It's a process. I'm sure I said the same thing before, because it's true.