Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Webcrimes: Case 3 The Amorous Pisces

I found this gem while searching a webdesign portfolio of all places. Yes someone was indeed proud of this webcrime.

First of all I have a major hate on for splash pages. It makes no sense to put up a wall between you and your customers. It is rare that there is ever a good reason for a splash page.

Splash pages should be used in these rare occasions to elicit some sort of emotional connection or deliver a specific message (usually in flash).
Now I am not sure that this will elicit any kind of emotional reactions from anyone other than someone with a fish fetish so ultimately having a large splash page of a fish humping a rock is not so good.

On second thought perhaps an aquarium store should be advertising to fish fetishists, its easy money.
Check out the full site here.

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Torrie said...

The site itself is bad too, very inconsistent.