Monday, November 24, 2008

Webcrimes: Case 4 the revolutionary google phone from 1994

Apparently Google's revolutionary iphone killer was around back in 1994. The real mystery here is not in the horrifically low grade pixelated flash intro or in the blinking " Buy Yours now" gif these things were all rather common back in the day. No the real question is how this google phone could have existed before the company that created it even came into being in 1997.

The intro video is indeed one for the ages and begs the question, perhaps we should spent a litle less money on the umpteen usless add-on features and a bit more on a marketing budget and a camera with more thn 0.3 megapixles to take the promotional shots. But again i dont think they existed back in 1994 either.

The Flash intro is really one that needs to be seen to be believed:

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Greg said...

Blargh. This was tough to look at first thing in the morning....