Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Road Trip Munkey! Ski time!

Well I am off to Fernie to go injure myself on the slopes.

I will be back on the second.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Slave to the system

Christmas went really well. The whole family behaved and everyone treated Greg nicely. In fact no one fought with anyone openly during it which has not happened in years. Everyone liked the gifts I got for them and I came out with an xbox 360!!

I have generally been having a fantastic time on my vacation.Went and saw MSTRKRFT who was djing on Saturday with Greg and Matt. It was a bit much for the 40 dollar tickets considering only half of the duo was there (Jesse Keeler was MIA). The other annoyance was they didn't play a single song from any of the CDs or remixes. Other than that i danced my ass off and my calfs are super sore.

I have been trying to clean up and organize and eliminate the things i don't need or use anymore. Partially in prep for Greg moving in and partially becuase i really need to clean out some junk.

One of my christmas gifts was new comic book storage boxes. As some of you may know I have a rather large collection of comic books that are all being stored rather poorley right now in inaccesible long boxes. These new boxes are great becuase the act like drawers so you can stack your comics and still et to them.
I spent most of my day moving the few thousand books and generally alphabetizing and organizing them.

Here is what my living room looked like at the mid point (there were still 4 small boxes in my closet).

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

And to all a good night

I have spent the last two days cleaning house. Grocery shopping, wrapping presents, baking some tasty amaretto, chocolate cookies and doing some last min shopping.

This is going to be a big Christmas this year as it will be the first one that Greg and I have actually spent together and it will be the first time my boyfriend has gone to a family Christmas event.

I feel a little bad for him he has no idea what he is getting into. Additionally I have to admit i am a little nervous about some drunk family member saying something obnoxious but all in all i think we will be ok.

One thing that super pisses me off is that i bought some wrapping paper for presents this year and apparently they no longer put the cardboard tubes in them. Instead my paper came with a five inch wide thicker paper sheet in it to help it keep its shape. How am I supposed to have wrapping paper tube sword fights without the tubes!! That is like a critical aspect of xmas funnery!! Its the little things damn it!

In closing I want to wish all of my readers and commenters a very Merry Christmas and a fantastic holiday season. Here's hoping you get a visit from a man dressed in red and white like the guy pictured below ;)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Becoming a porn star

At Allan's suggestion today's post is an open thread. Please share some possible porn star names that I can use to pay off my damn evil condo board.

So far we have:

Gunther biganlong (my old stand by)
Ed Monton (my personal fav so far)
Korben Dallas
Trakh Zhopa

Any ideas guys?

Thursday, December 18, 2008

A very merry fuck you

Well i had a wonderful gift waiting for me in the mail when I got home today. A letter from the condo board stating that there is a special assessment and I have to pay $4040 by april first. I missed two board meetings due to that flu I had so this bill was more than a small surprise.

I have no idea how I am going to pay. I hope i can get a line of credit to cover this.
Or start a porn career.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Fuck you shaw!

On Wednesday Shaw our internet service provider changed our supposedly static IP address. It has been 3 days of angry calls from our companies clients and my co-workers as our website, email and client scoring has been down.

Three days of downtime is totally unacceptable. So you can imagine my dismay when this morning I woke up and everything was still down. After doing some DNS testing it seemed like everything was working the way it should.

As I walked into the office this morning (prepared for another day of hellish calls from angry sites) everything clicked and started working.

Needless to say we are moving to an enterprise level SLA with a them asap.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

I got the black lung Pop...

the plague has hit my humble abode.

I even took 2 and half days off of work (i cant remember the last time i took 2 days off in a row)

I still feel like hell
Hopefully I will be able to go in on Monday.

Greg my super awesome boyfriend is picking me up icecream for my ravaged throat.
He is so awesome.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The last Bastion of Stephen Harper

The political climate of Canada has heated up over the weekend. The three left leaning parties have finally joined forces to create a coalition party to take down Stephen Harper's conservative government that has been paralyzed (either due to ideology or lack of ability) to deal with the financial crisis.

I personally love how the conservative spin machine is talking about this coalition as a undemocratic power grab. They are also using words like socialism and communist to describe the left wing. Unforutnalty its not 1960 and we are not living in the US so i really don't think the majority of people (outside of this god foresaken province) will buy into the scare mongering. Canadians just don't buy into that stuff.

About this being undemocratic power grab (its also the same kind of power grab Harper himself attempted to use when Paul Martin was Prime Minister (only he was too much a douche to be able to convice the other parties to join him). Look at it this way:

5,208,796 voted for the conservatives thats about 36% of the population.
3,633,185 voted for the liberals thats 26% of the population
1,379,991 voted for the Bloc (and while i think the seperatist agenda is hilariously outdated I do aprove of many of the Blocs social program and policy ideas) thats about 10% of the population
2,515,561 voted for the NDP thats about 18%

Now here is the definition of democracy (just in case you are reading this Stephen).
The doctrine that the numerical majority of an organized group can make decisions binding on the whole group

Now by my count the new coalition government is representing about 54% of Canadians who voted in the last election. Compared to Harper's 36%. Somehow I think that the coalition actually has the bigger mandate to run the country but maybe my math is wrong and I missed something.

The conservatives have been cutting important funding for the arts the enviroment and for the disenfranchised. They have put my ability to marry the man I love in jepordy. I am not fan of them (for the reocrd I am not fan of Dion either) and I don't want to see the Canada I love die a death of a thousand papercuts for this reason i am excited to see a shift in the politics of this country.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Weekend debauchery

My weekend roadtrip to Calgary was sooo much fun.

After my haircut debacle I hit the road and met up with Greg in Red Deer. Managed to listen to some new music I have had laying around (check out Roisin Murphy for some gay dance awesomeness and The Empire of the Sun for hipster dance yummyness).

The trip down was fairly uneventful despite the fact that we were running late and I had to get dressed in the passenger seat as Greg drove (it is stupidly hard to tie a tie in a tiny visor mirror). We arrived at the hotel Arts just in time for Greg's company Christmas party.

The hotel itself was very hip and cool. It was pretty damn swanky and I would definitely stay there again. I was a big fan of the decor and could totally see my place looking like that once i have the money to be tasteful.

The party was great. I ended up running into an acquaintance of my old roomie. We proceeded to have a great time and get fairly drunk in the process. They had a caricature artist and a lady doing angle readings (like a psychic). Greg and I did both and the angle reading was really acurate and surprisingly cool.

Here we are looking sorta drunk but classy.

Saturday we spent with my old roomie and his bf. Ended up at the Calgary Eagle that night and had a fantastic night of debauchery.

I am still recovering today.

Mangled by Mayble

I went for a quick haircut after getting out of work early on friday. I wanted to look purty for the Greg's office xmas party.

I couldn't get into my regular stylist so I went over to First Choice haircuts (last choice would be more appropriate) a block from my place. I was seated and this older (50-60's) woman with badly bleached blond hair starts hacking away.

It was by far the worst haircut i have ever had in my entire life and additionally she managed to stab and scrape the back of my neck with her razor.

When i got home i had to take matters into my own hands and salvage what was left of my hair by taking the razor to it myself.

It turned out ok on the sides, kinda 80's the back (which i couldn't see however is a massacre). I even got a few compliments on it this weekend by some of teh gays. The moral of the story is dont let a little old lady named Mable near you with clippers.