Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The last Bastion of Stephen Harper

The political climate of Canada has heated up over the weekend. The three left leaning parties have finally joined forces to create a coalition party to take down Stephen Harper's conservative government that has been paralyzed (either due to ideology or lack of ability) to deal with the financial crisis.

I personally love how the conservative spin machine is talking about this coalition as a undemocratic power grab. They are also using words like socialism and communist to describe the left wing. Unforutnalty its not 1960 and we are not living in the US so i really don't think the majority of people (outside of this god foresaken province) will buy into the scare mongering. Canadians just don't buy into that stuff.

About this being undemocratic power grab (its also the same kind of power grab Harper himself attempted to use when Paul Martin was Prime Minister (only he was too much a douche to be able to convice the other parties to join him). Look at it this way:

5,208,796 voted for the conservatives thats about 36% of the population.
3,633,185 voted for the liberals thats 26% of the population
1,379,991 voted for the Bloc (and while i think the seperatist agenda is hilariously outdated I do aprove of many of the Blocs social program and policy ideas) thats about 10% of the population
2,515,561 voted for the NDP thats about 18%

Now here is the definition of democracy (just in case you are reading this Stephen).
The doctrine that the numerical majority of an organized group can make decisions binding on the whole group

Now by my count the new coalition government is representing about 54% of Canadians who voted in the last election. Compared to Harper's 36%. Somehow I think that the coalition actually has the bigger mandate to run the country but maybe my math is wrong and I missed something.

The conservatives have been cutting important funding for the arts the enviroment and for the disenfranchised. They have put my ability to marry the man I love in jepordy. I am not fan of them (for the reocrd I am not fan of Dion either) and I don't want to see the Canada I love die a death of a thousand papercuts for this reason i am excited to see a shift in the politics of this country.

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Torrie said...

Don't you just love the fact that the anti-coalition protest was set for 1pm today. Which means the only way you could really go to support it is if you don't work, skip work or are otherwise unoccupied at 1pm on a weekday. Brilliant plan there.