Monday, December 29, 2008

Slave to the system

Christmas went really well. The whole family behaved and everyone treated Greg nicely. In fact no one fought with anyone openly during it which has not happened in years. Everyone liked the gifts I got for them and I came out with an xbox 360!!

I have generally been having a fantastic time on my vacation.Went and saw MSTRKRFT who was djing on Saturday with Greg and Matt. It was a bit much for the 40 dollar tickets considering only half of the duo was there (Jesse Keeler was MIA). The other annoyance was they didn't play a single song from any of the CDs or remixes. Other than that i danced my ass off and my calfs are super sore.

I have been trying to clean up and organize and eliminate the things i don't need or use anymore. Partially in prep for Greg moving in and partially becuase i really need to clean out some junk.

One of my christmas gifts was new comic book storage boxes. As some of you may know I have a rather large collection of comic books that are all being stored rather poorley right now in inaccesible long boxes. These new boxes are great becuase the act like drawers so you can stack your comics and still et to them.
I spent most of my day moving the few thousand books and generally alphabetizing and organizing them.

Here is what my living room looked like at the mid point (there were still 4 small boxes in my closet).

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