Monday, December 01, 2008

Weekend debauchery

My weekend roadtrip to Calgary was sooo much fun.

After my haircut debacle I hit the road and met up with Greg in Red Deer. Managed to listen to some new music I have had laying around (check out Roisin Murphy for some gay dance awesomeness and The Empire of the Sun for hipster dance yummyness).

The trip down was fairly uneventful despite the fact that we were running late and I had to get dressed in the passenger seat as Greg drove (it is stupidly hard to tie a tie in a tiny visor mirror). We arrived at the hotel Arts just in time for Greg's company Christmas party.

The hotel itself was very hip and cool. It was pretty damn swanky and I would definitely stay there again. I was a big fan of the decor and could totally see my place looking like that once i have the money to be tasteful.

The party was great. I ended up running into an acquaintance of my old roomie. We proceeded to have a great time and get fairly drunk in the process. They had a caricature artist and a lady doing angle readings (like a psychic). Greg and I did both and the angle reading was really acurate and surprisingly cool.

Here we are looking sorta drunk but classy.

Saturday we spent with my old roomie and his bf. Ended up at the Calgary Eagle that night and had a fantastic night of debauchery.

I am still recovering today.

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Greg said...

I have Anna's voice in my head, right now, yelling at me to point out that all you need for an angle reading is a protractor.... ;o)

I'm glad your angel reading was good stud... when I went up she really didn't tell me anything that I hadn't already told her. She was a nice lady none the less, and we did have a good chat.