Friday, January 30, 2009

Fixing HP network printing on a Mac

Overall my switch to a mac osx has been a smooth one. There was however one nagging issue that has been plaguing me since i bought my mac. I have an old HP all in one printer/scanner at home that i use to mostly print off photos and art.

Unfortunately the drivers for the mac for this printer are ridiculous and cause about 40 pages of random error codes and gibberish to print out. This problem occurred regardless if i was printing through the network or directly attached.

At work we got a new hp color laserjet 3505n. Its a great printer however the software for network printing on it (for the pc) is kind of hit and miss. I of course had the same problems printing to that printer as before. It did not matter how i set up the printer (through bonjour, hpIP print, ip address) nothing worked using the drivers provided by HP. All of them printed out the same 40 page mess.

Generic postscript printer drivers come by default on the mac and those performed better however you are limited to black and white and the overal print quality is low.

I was unable to find anything describing the problem on apple or hp support sites so i set about trying to figure out a way around it.

I eventually found a generic colour postscript driver set pxlmono that was originally intended for linux but had been ported to mac generously by the Linux Foundation.

It is a little roundabout way to setup a printer as you have to install 3 seperate items but it prints amazingly well now.

Here are the links just download and install and then setup your printer however you want using the new drivers.

pxlmono-1.5.dmg (3.4MB)
The pxlmono package requires, but does not include, Foomatic-RIP and GPL Ghostscript for Mac OS X. Download these items from the links below, if necessary.
source code--PPDs generated by PPD-O-MATIC (3.0.0 or newer)
Foomatic-RIP (224KB)
The Foomatic-RIP package installs the necessary core runtime components (the foomatic-RIP CUPS filter and the foomatic-gswrapper) to enable printing with Foomatic machinery in Mac OS X. Foomatic-RIP is required for all users. It is not necessary to install Foomatic-RIP more than once.
source code included on disk image

Ghostscript for Mac OS X 10.5.x (Leopard), Mac OS X 10.4.x (Tiger), and Mac OS X 10.3.x (Panther)

gplgs-8.63-ub.dmg (26.4 MB)
GPL Ghostscript 8.63 is an open-source PostScript interpreter that includes integrated support for the CUPS printing system in Mac OS X. It is the replacement for ESP Ghostscript.
GPL Ghostscript is required for all users. It is not necessary to install Ghostsccript more than once.
source code

Ghostscript for Mac OS X 10.2.x (Jaguar)

gplgs-8.61-jaguar-ppc.dmg (17.1 MB)
GPL Ghostscript 8.61 is an open-source PostScript interpreter that includes integrated support for the CUPS printing system in Mac OS X. It is the replacement for ESP Ghostscript.
GPL Ghostscript is required for all users. It is not necessary to install Ghostsccript more than once.
source code

Please note: all packages require Mac OS X version 10.2 or newer.

Wii Fit Update

As some of you know i have integrated my Wii Fit into my rather tragic (or non existant work out schedule). Since last year it (along with a rowing machine and an ulcer has helped me drop about 20 pounds).

The last three months I have been neglecting the wii fit and working out so as one of my new years resolutions (which i will be posting shortly) I have decided to work out at least 2 times a week. Wednesday i hoped on the thing expecting my wieght to have ballooned up.

In fact somehow i managed to loose about 3 pounds over the christmas holidays. I am thinking this is mostly due to the fact that I'm not drinking as often and have had to restrict my diet due to the ulcer. Still if this keeps up I am worried ill become all twinky (tho im sure the fella would love that, he loves him some twinks that boy).

I hula hooped and jogged on the spot for about 3o min. Today my calfs and abs are fucking wrecked.

Next step wieght training.


The software development project I am managing is falling apart more and more with every version I receive from the developers. It is becoming clearer and clearer that the dev lead manager has not passed on the appropriate information to any of the people working under him.

The dev contact that I am interfacing with is condescending arrogant and scatterbrained. She also does not ask questions and just assumes things all leading to more delays and features that do not work or have been totally misinterpreted.

I am fairly unaccustomed to failure so the year and a half and the hundreds (thousands?) of hours I have worked on this project (not to mention all the money we spent) is really gnawing away at me.

If we had done the development in house like I had originally wanted things would have gone much better. So here is the lesson for critical complex software rewrites never contract your programing out especially not to cuba (funny typing it out makes it seem so simple).

Thursday, January 29, 2009

oi vey

So i havent gone out much since ryan left. In fact the times i have been social during the week i can count one hand. Tonight Frank Eoin and I went out for Frank's bday.
I am gonna be such a disaster tomorrow.

So in honour of my future hangoverness I thought I would finally declare the song of 2008 (becauce i know so many of you were waiting with baited breath for my opinion on the subject).
This song was fucking epic and it showed up everywhere

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Design Question

So I am currently working on the newest poster for bear party.
Which do you guys prefer?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Out of the mouths of aussies

Petie on what slogan I should have on my shirt:
i hate my job and i have OCD and i flirt with boys from far away countries and i am 4 feet tall
Thats pretty much me in a nutshell i may have to update my online profiles accordingly.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Yup still lost

Anna came over and we had wings and corona and watched lost. The season premier was really good I realize though how damn hard it can be to follow the damn show. I was religious about watching it the last three years and I still had forgotten how much detail and back story there is going on.

I don't blame people for not getting it.

Thank god for review episodes.

Thought of the day

Sometimes it is better to not know.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

de-pleating my closet

Tonight i went through and got rid of all of my pants with pleats.

You should do the same with yours.

Pleats are evil and they make guys look like they are wearing adult diapers.

I have now managed to clear out over half a closet worth of stuff from my bedroom. YAY

Monday, January 19, 2009

I am going to give it a name and love it and take care of it...

I have a problem.

I personify things and establish emotional connections to irrelevant materials.

This ties into my being a packrat and OCD collector of random shit. Getting rid of my cd's was just the first real step in a proccess that is still ongoing.

No where is this problem more evident than in my clothes closets. Some people collect clothes for fashion and style reasons. I collect clothes because I can not bear to see them thrown out. I see them and I think about all the things we have been through and I think "how can i get rid of something that has done so much with me". It would be like kicking a trusty dog to the curb.

Rationally I understand that those shorts or that shirt are just fabric but emotionally they act as a trigger to fond memories. My favorite pair of boardshorts has a rip in them that makes them appropriate for only bear parties or preorgy type gettogethers. I have not been able to wear them in a year. Yet do I get rid of them?


This weekend Greg and I put together a big closet organizer so that we would have room for some of his things. In that process we went through my clothes (i needed to go from 12 drawers to 6). I managed to get a garbage bag worth of stuff for goodwill and reach my 6 drawer goal. It was tough but I am getting better removing my need to rely on material goods. Greg looked at me like I was from mars a few times especially when i grabbed those board shorts from the trash pile.

One of my goals this year is to live simpler. I think this is a good way to start.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Webcrimes: Case 5 The case of Free Face

There are some crimes that stand apart not only because of the horrific outdated design but because the design so clearly reflects the personality of the owner. It's like when you walk into a guy's house and he has nothing but miniature unicorn statues and doilies and you think hmmmm you know what that fits him perfectly.

So without further delay I present to you the first case that made me almost gag (not an easy task). It represents so many levels of wrong from design to color choice, to dancing gifs, to creepy gag factor to overall concept.

This site can only be described as a goldmine of horror.

The case of Free Face:

In particular I am going to be haunted by this dancing gif for many years to come:

Here are some choice quotes from the site:

To all of the beautiful, single women in and around Louisville:

This page is for you. I am a man whose favorite thing to do is give oral sex to attractive young women. I love it and enjoy pleasing the women that I know and meet. I know that every woman is different, and I have been out of practice for a while. Since every woman is different in her wants and needs, I am offering FREE ORAL SEX to any woman who qualifies that e-mails me or signs up. No matter how good I may have been told that I am at my hobby, I know that everyone needs to constantly practice at anything they take pride in doing. This site is designed with the women of Louisville in mind. I need some partners to practice with and women who will give honest feedback to any services I perform for them, so that I will be able to hone my skills.

Other Information

Favorite Holiday: Halloween

Occupation: Student and College Math Tutor

IQ Test Scores: Range from 132 - 163--Avg. = 154

Relational Status : Single

Degrees Attained: Associates Degree in Accounting; Associates Degree in Science

Hobbies: Weightlifting, Giving Massages, Giving Oral Sex to Attractive Females, Reading, Intelligence Puzzles, Nature, Vampires, the Gothic Scene, Video Games, and Religions that Employ the use of Magick

Collections: Transformers (the toys), Swords & Medieval weaponry (temporarily out of my possession.

I fucking love this temporary part like what were they confiscated or some thing? I know this is a matter of taste but putting your IQ test online is kind of tacky and besides who is so self important that they have had enough IQ exams to actually have an average?

You should really visit this site it is amazing.

I am rather please that I managed to do this while post without one pussy joke. Yay me!

Totally my life (minus the video game)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Time Machine

The massive cleanup and reorganization of my condo in order to make room for Greg is still ongoing. I have manged to clear out and throw away about 8 garbage bags of recyclables, old DVDs and keepsakes. For the last two days i have been digitizing my cd collection.

I rarely buy CD's unless its from a smaller band that I have seen live or have been trying to see live but have been unable to. Even when i do they usually get tossed somewhere never to be seen again. As a result the majority of my collection was bought before 2000.

Here are some classics that I forgot I even had.

Yes I was into country music for a short while there (i still have great love for the dixie chicks when they go all bluegrass and angry).

First CD I ever bought. In fact we didn't even have a CD player at the time I had to borrow my buddy Joel's to listen to it.

Loved the Cranberries.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Now that is timing

Now this is the shit i am talking about. A prefect hybrid of activism meeting web based technology (found this on Joe.My.God).

Milk it does a Queer Good

Greg Anna and I went to see Milk on Sunday (appropriately at the classic princess theater). I thought the movie was totally brilliant. The use of archival footage of the Castro in the 70's was the perfect touch. I was expecting to cry more but I managed to tough it out. Go see this movie and take 2 straight friends or family members.

In many ways I think this is the perfect time for a film like this to come out. There has been much discussion about how stonewall 2.0 (or is it 4.o?) and join the impact is fizzling out. I think Milk is a great primer on how to be a gay activist. Start small, build your networks get support choose your battles and then fight fight fight fight. In many ways Join the impact started in reverse. It is little wonder that the follow up events that they have been planning are not living up to the pedigree of the initial action.

Networking infrastructure like Facebook, Myspace (is anyone even on there anymore?) and texting while great for flash mobs and rapid mobilization of large groups of like minded individuals are not designed for long term organized productive action. They are tools that could be used by some tech savvy organization in order to drum up support for the fight fight fight portion of the game. At this rate Join the Impact will become a glorified website calendar that does little more than inform people of potential events (that is not activism in my opinion).

Now don't get me wrong, i don't think that current gay lobby groups like the human rights campaign are capable of using these tools due to organizational inertia and systematic problems with the way they go about choosing their battles and fighting them.

There needs to be someplace in the middle of Join the Impact's grassroots mobilization and the Human Rights Campaign's bureaucracy. This organization would be built right from the start using net based networking tools plug-ins to connect individuals locally and globally.

I think it was Andrew Sullivan or Rex Wockner who talked about the differences between how Obama and Clinton were elected. Clinton was very top down while Obama was very bottom up. He talked about how the human rights campaign and Join the impact were similar in that sense.

This new organization should look at how Obama managed to not only organize but achieve his goals using grassroots support.
1. He used localized and insanely detailed databases on democratic voters and leveraged that data to provide goals for local organizers.
2. He got people to get friends, like minded associates and family to become involved and had people work in groups.
3. He set big goals and kept people motivated to achieving them.

These things allowed the younger people without much experience learn from pros as they went about achieving what they needed to. It allowed for new ideas and ways of doing things to rapidly be implemented across groups.

We know the gay community has been somewhat generationally fractured for a long time now.
We know that because of California there are millions of young gays and supporters out there that are hungry to do something about the injustice that the events of the election have crystallized. They have gotten a taste of what activism can be like and want more but don't necessarily know how to go about it and don't have the local connections to be able to get anything real done.
We know that every day something happens a teen is bashed in Texas, gays are hanged in Iran but many of us don't know about it as the events stay on the local level.

So here ismy proposal.
1. Use create an organization that uses social networking sites integrated with new web applications (like google maps, rss ect). This organization would require a team of web programmers and a small management team to help coordinate activities and to help mobilize local and connect groups. General goals would be set but the organization is more like a set of tools that could be shared than anything else.

2. Use the tools created in 1 to allow like minded people of all generations and experience levelers to be able to meet and share ideas and decide locally what goals they can focus on and then use the tools provided to help mobilize the grassroots to achieve them. This is where the bottom up top down meet and I think where most of the work would be done

3. Create geotagged news feeds of all the bullshit and the hate and the injustices that we face and of the initiatives groups are participating in. Imagine looking at a map of the world and clicking one button to see where all the gay bashings have occurred. Or another to see where gay marriages occur. Another to see where you can connect with activists. All database driven user managed. A gay world wiki. What could be more motivating that seeing how your brothers and sisters are going about eliminating the injustices of the world. Give them hope but don't let them forget.

Thanks Harvey

Friday, January 09, 2009

In case you didn't know

This had me giggling out loud in my office today

Hot and then cold

I came home last night and the condo was like a million degrees. It turns out my radiators were stuck in the full on position. This has happened once before so a did a little voodoo dance and fiddled with the valve and the thermostat and it seemed to shut off.

I opened the windows and cooled things down and then went to bed. As the night wore on it got colder and colder in my room. The damn thing was now stuck in the off position. It was about 10 degrees by the time i scurried out of bed at 6 to do another voodoo dance and fiddle with the valves again. By the time i hopped in the shower at 8:30 it was almost livable.

Arnt old buildings fun!

Got some bad news about Greg moving in. It looks like he won't be able to get a transfer from his company to Edmonton. We both think he won't have any trouble finding a job up here, it just sucks because he really liked the company. This may slow things down a bit because I wont be able to support him and me when he moves in on my income alone (unless becoming a porn star works out). It really gives me some extra time to make space in my closet.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

MUnkey Want now!

I found these little paul frank lumberjack underoos via nfotxn's awesome blog. All i can say is that I must have them I need them! They are the coolest things ever!

One problem, I am apparently late to the bandwagon and I can't seem to find them anywhere in Canada. I found one store in the US that had one medium in stock but with shipping and customs costs they would have come out to 95 bucks (US) which is outrageous for a $14 dollar pair of underoos.

If anyone knows where I could acquire this sweet ass pair of Paul Frank designed briefs preferably in Canada I would be greatly appreciative.

Backlog blogging: The fella's christmas party

I just received a whole bunch of pictures via facebook and email from the last month of shenanigans. I will be putting them up throughout the week.

Here is a pic from Greg's company christmas party. They brought in a caricature artist who did a fantastic rendition of us (he drew us into beefy muscle bear bodies right after this photo). Thanks to Ryan and Jim who have framed the caricature for us for christmas. It is now hanging in my hallway.

Here is also a photo of us before my family christmas party.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Mountain munkey New years update

I apologize for the lack of posting. Things have been crazy since about the 22 of December.

A lot of my world is in transition right now and I am trying to do my best to prepare myself for the changes. Do to all the time constraints we have bumped Greg moving in until sometime mid February.

I am working hard on setting things up for Greg to move in. I am trying to go through everything from clothes to computers to old habits to eliminate what I don't need anymore.

Part of this process has been going through all of my old files and documents and cleaning them out. I had school notes going back to 1998 so it was pretty cathartic and kinda fun going through them all and turfing the majority of it. I did keep a few things (I have this reoccurring nightmare that I wake up and somehow didn't finish math 113 and they decide to take my Business degree away) just in case. I actually ended up keeping more notes for the doodles i had drawn on them then for the content inside.

I am really amazed at how much i have changed since those days. I used to be very OCD about many things in my life and while i still have my quirks and difficulties looking at some of the stuff i had collected and back then I can't imagine how I even functioned day to day nevermind managing to do so well in school with two part time jobs ( found every bus pass that I had in university organized in chronological order in my filing cabinet, why I had these I can not for the life of me remeber).

With age comes stability but I certainly feel less creative than I did before. I don't draw as much, and I doubt I am as clever without the daily challenges that school provided. That drive that fuels both the crazier parts of me and my crative side seem to be connected.

I think part of the problem is that all i have are long term goals to work towards. I thrive on deadlines and without them all i have is the long run game. So this year I want to do many things but most of all i want to set some short term goals to be achived in 2-3 months so that I can have something to at least work towards.

Now what those goals are at this point i have a few ideas, but I will let you know when i decide which ones get priority.

From Last years post I had these resolutions:
-Drop from 175 pounds Done and done i now weigh around 155
- Come out to my Dad and the family members that still do not know Also done
- Finish the renovations on my condo (baseboards, cupboards, doors,) Money ran out so baseboards still need doing as do the doors
- Finish Chapter one of the "Just Another Epic Fable" art project site Still working on it
- Put some art up on my walls Put up a lot of things but still could use some bigger peices
- Travel someplace warm Not a chance
- Get a raise/promotion at work Not a chance

I think I did pretty darn well got some big ticket items out of the way.

Monday, January 05, 2009

And I already couldn't stand her

The title of Ann Coulter's (who is looking more and more like the Crypt keeper every year) new book is
Guilty: Liberal "Victims" and Their Assault on America

One of Greg's pet peeves is people who use quotation marks for emphasis and in this case i do agree is is rather annoying. Grammar pros out there, is this the correct usage of quotations? If not then add that to the list of why she is disgusting douchenozzle.