Monday, January 05, 2009

And I already couldn't stand her

The title of Ann Coulter's (who is looking more and more like the Crypt keeper every year) new book is
Guilty: Liberal "Victims" and Their Assault on America

One of Greg's pet peeves is people who use quotation marks for emphasis and in this case i do agree is is rather annoying. Grammar pros out there, is this the correct usage of quotations? If not then add that to the list of why she is disgusting douchenozzle.


Allan S. said...

It's debatable if the quotations marks are misused in the title. It can be her attempt to be sarcastic, or she might be referencing that some liberals use that word to describe their situation in America.

What is not debatable is that she is a hot mess of a dumb ass cunt. I also heard her appearance on NBC was canceled. This new development, I'm sure makes her feel like a "victim."

Scott De Buitléir said...

hey man, love the blog - tried to find the 'follow me' module but I couldn't - let me know if it's available on your blog. Thanks.

Greg said...

While Ann is clearly a cunty hag, I have to give her a pass on the quotation marks. I think Allan's got it right: she's using them to indicate a perceived "victim mentality" that the right likes to attribute to progressive policies.