Friday, January 09, 2009

Hot and then cold

I came home last night and the condo was like a million degrees. It turns out my radiators were stuck in the full on position. This has happened once before so a did a little voodoo dance and fiddled with the valve and the thermostat and it seemed to shut off.

I opened the windows and cooled things down and then went to bed. As the night wore on it got colder and colder in my room. The damn thing was now stuck in the off position. It was about 10 degrees by the time i scurried out of bed at 6 to do another voodoo dance and fiddle with the valves again. By the time i hopped in the shower at 8:30 it was almost livable.

Arnt old buildings fun!

Got some bad news about Greg moving in. It looks like he won't be able to get a transfer from his company to Edmonton. We both think he won't have any trouble finding a job up here, it just sucks because he really liked the company. This may slow things down a bit because I wont be able to support him and me when he moves in on my income alone (unless becoming a porn star works out). It really gives me some extra time to make space in my closet.

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