Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Mountain munkey New years update

I apologize for the lack of posting. Things have been crazy since about the 22 of December.

A lot of my world is in transition right now and I am trying to do my best to prepare myself for the changes. Do to all the time constraints we have bumped Greg moving in until sometime mid February.

I am working hard on setting things up for Greg to move in. I am trying to go through everything from clothes to computers to old habits to eliminate what I don't need anymore.

Part of this process has been going through all of my old files and documents and cleaning them out. I had school notes going back to 1998 so it was pretty cathartic and kinda fun going through them all and turfing the majority of it. I did keep a few things (I have this reoccurring nightmare that I wake up and somehow didn't finish math 113 and they decide to take my Business degree away) just in case. I actually ended up keeping more notes for the doodles i had drawn on them then for the content inside.

I am really amazed at how much i have changed since those days. I used to be very OCD about many things in my life and while i still have my quirks and difficulties looking at some of the stuff i had collected and back then I can't imagine how I even functioned day to day nevermind managing to do so well in school with two part time jobs ( found every bus pass that I had in university organized in chronological order in my filing cabinet, why I had these I can not for the life of me remeber).

With age comes stability but I certainly feel less creative than I did before. I don't draw as much, and I doubt I am as clever without the daily challenges that school provided. That drive that fuels both the crazier parts of me and my crative side seem to be connected.

I think part of the problem is that all i have are long term goals to work towards. I thrive on deadlines and without them all i have is the long run game. So this year I want to do many things but most of all i want to set some short term goals to be achived in 2-3 months so that I can have something to at least work towards.

Now what those goals are at this point i have a few ideas, but I will let you know when i decide which ones get priority.

From Last years post I had these resolutions:
-Drop from 175 pounds Done and done i now weigh around 155
- Come out to my Dad and the family members that still do not know Also done
- Finish the renovations on my condo (baseboards, cupboards, doors,) Money ran out so baseboards still need doing as do the doors
- Finish Chapter one of the "Just Another Epic Fable" art project site Still working on it
- Put some art up on my walls Put up a lot of things but still could use some bigger peices
- Travel someplace warm Not a chance
- Get a raise/promotion at work Not a chance

I think I did pretty darn well got some big ticket items out of the way.

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