Thursday, January 29, 2009

oi vey

So i havent gone out much since ryan left. In fact the times i have been social during the week i can count one hand. Tonight Frank Eoin and I went out for Frank's bday.
I am gonna be such a disaster tomorrow.

So in honour of my future hangoverness I thought I would finally declare the song of 2008 (becauce i know so many of you were waiting with baited breath for my opinion on the subject).
This song was fucking epic and it showed up everywhere


Ian said...

This must be one of those regional differences, but I've actually never heard this song before... round here it was Lady GaGa that's been played non-stop

Aaron said...

I do have much love for lady gaga and i would give her a close second just for running away in her teens to tour with drag queens.

Simon Thibault said...

oddly enough, this record came out in 2007. it was leaked in the summer and released officially in december. ever hear the track where the riff is from?

Aaron said...

LOL December is pretty close :P This is why i could never be a music guru not good on the details. Earlier today I managed to confuse "The rapture" with "The Faint" boy did i feel silly. Love the link!

Allan S. said...

I want that red cat clock!!! Thanks for the music.