Thursday, January 15, 2009

Time Machine

The massive cleanup and reorganization of my condo in order to make room for Greg is still ongoing. I have manged to clear out and throw away about 8 garbage bags of recyclables, old DVDs and keepsakes. For the last two days i have been digitizing my cd collection.

I rarely buy CD's unless its from a smaller band that I have seen live or have been trying to see live but have been unable to. Even when i do they usually get tossed somewhere never to be seen again. As a result the majority of my collection was bought before 2000.

Here are some classics that I forgot I even had.

Yes I was into country music for a short while there (i still have great love for the dixie chicks when they go all bluegrass and angry).

First CD I ever bought. In fact we didn't even have a CD player at the time I had to borrow my buddy Joel's to listen to it.

Loved the Cranberries.

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