Thursday, February 05, 2009

Installing windows 7 beta

This will be my second experience installing windows 7 beta. My first run on my old decommissioned desktop at home was less impressive than the guys at gizmodo would lead you to believe.

I am giving it a second shot because i need to test my companies software out on it. I am installing on sun's virtualbox.

12:38 disk is in. I chose custom install.

12:42 It is a two step process apparently
  1. Takes about 35 seconds
12:57 First restart step 2 takes about 15 min (this is what pissed me off the first time) why not add more steps to make it representative of the time they will be spending setting up.

1:06 Restart number 2 not a big fan of the starting windows screen with the dancing coloured orbs
1:07 Checking video performance (i kinda love the progress bar on the bottom)
1:08 User setup
1:08 Key entering. The little blue ring is almost as anoying as the swirling beach ball.
1:11 Network setup. I thought they were supposed to have made this easier? Homegroups were supposed to be a big selling point but as of right now it seems like a big pain in my ass. Now there is fucking randomly generated password that decides group access. So if someone comes over with a laptop to your place not only will they need a wireless access key but they will need your homegroup key? This is silly. I went with the business network option.

1:13 Preparing my desktop
1:16 Hello fishy
1:18 Desktop and personal settings are good to go and it looks like im setup.

This was overall much smoother and seems to work well on the virtual machine. The instalation process was so much better than vista. But at this point in the game is being better than vista enough?

After installing windows 7 on my machine at home I had tons of driver issues and no wireless even though i was using a common linksys wireless card. Funny thing is that was the same problem I had with vista. At this point I am begining to suspect that this is a lighter version of the same garbage microsoft has been shipping for years now. Only with an updated user interface and new branding. Networking seems to have all the same old problems as vista did. If you had driver problems with vista you likely still will.

What worries me the most is that this is the Ultimate version of the software the more limited versions may be even worse than this. Yes it is better than vista. But really when it comes to user friendlieness i think microsoft needs to look at more than just stealing apple's user interface systems and attempt to have things like networking and hardware installation "just work" like my macbook.


Greg said...

Pitting Windows 7 on a virtual machine against your MacBook isn't a fair comparison. Of course the MacBook "just works"... it's proprietary Apple hardware. All the drivers are naturally built into the OS. Let me tell you, I've done a little experiment installing OS X on my HP laptop, and it definitely didn't "just work"!

Now, if one of the big OEMs (HP, Dell etc) was shipping a Windows 7 laptop and the wireless didn't work out of the box, THEN there would be something to complain about.

Well, something MORE to complain about anyway. I haven't actually tried the Windows 7 Beta yet, but I'm sure Vista lite is an apt description!

Aaron said...

Thats the thing the virtual machine worked great. My desktop at home however was missing the drivers for wireless as was Ryan's toshiba laptop so that is where my big issue really is.

When I talk about hardware I am talking about external peripherals as well as internals.