Wednesday, February 11, 2009

juggernaut of tragedy

I got an email from an from a friend in Australia today that kind of shook me up a bit. As many of you know there are some horrific forest fires burning wildly out of control they have wiped out whole towns and have killed hundreds.

I have some personal experience with forest fires. About 5 years ago there was a massive forest fire that swept through north western Alberta. My friends and family were at our cabin looking forward to a boozy relaxing weekend. We had to be evacuated and it looked like we were going to loose our cabin and my grandfather's family home.

A year later we were on evacuation alert at my uncles home in Kelowna. Both times i was amazed and terrified at the incredible speed that these things move at and I will always remember the water bombers swooping overhead as we drove away as fast as we could on the gravel roads.

Nothing I have experienced comes even close to this (sections have been removed for privacy):
god that news traveled far...the stories coming out of there are sooooo sad. the things you hear on the news are nothing in comparison.

....the two towns are now wiped out and the bride-to-be of one of the weddings is dead.

Of a few of the people they know in King Lake (the main town that got wiped out without notice), They were saying that their neighbours bred the miniature horses and when they were driving like hell to escape the fire that was tearing up behind them, they looked back and watched as the horses exploded - they didnt catch on fire - the heat was that intense that they self combusted and exploded...

About 5 trucks of firefighters were deployed to Marysvale, a town near King Lake, with the news the fires were approaching. they got to the town and saw the wall of fire coming straight for them - half the town was already gone. All they could do is spin the trucks around and drive for their lives... Problem was that here were people RUNNING along behind them (not driving - RUNNING on foot). They couldnt stop, they couldnt help them, they couldnt do anything because the fires were coming so quickly... they were in the truck fleeing for their lives watching people dying behind them like it was in some horror movie or like they were living Hiroshima all over again!

So many lvies have been ruined other than the ones who have lost their lives, houses and friends/family - its havinga snowball effect that really isn't going to help this whole economic crisis.

And just to think - some sick fuck has gone around lighting these fires deliberately - AND they have had reports and video footage of them doing it like 2 days ago - after over 200 lives have been lost (they still have not counted Marysvale's dead) and all the devistation - these fucking psycho's are still lighting more!!!
You can make a donation here to the new zeland red cross to help those victims of the forest fires.

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