Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Know you limit

Apparently 4 days straight of rich food and drinks is my upper limit. After a relatively quiet period my ulcer switched to "seriously I am totally fucking irritated and I am going to make you pay for it" mode at about 8 last night. I am doing my best right now to eat super mild healthy things to keep it under control.

It is going to be such a long road to recovery with this damn thing. I know part of it is me handling stress better and I think I am doing a better job of that. One of my big problems was they were asking me to do tasks that we impossible with the equipment I had at work. Now that I have a new Mac Pro my ability to get work done has gone up considerably. I can run three virtual xp systems on this thing and it can still run cs3 better than my old amd. I am loving it!

Looks like it is spinach salad for me for th next few days. :(

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