Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Ten things I no longer hate about me

Change is coming.

I have decided a few things.
1. I am going to be Ok with people not liking me.
2. I am not going to run myself into the ground trying to please everyone.
3. I am going to get rid of the insecurities that I have held on to for so long. Related to that is I am done with drinking for a long while. I am interesting enough on my own without the shield of booze around me.
4. I am going to work out more (at least twice a week) from now on.
5. I am going to draw something once a week.
6. I am going to cut back on my online life and focus on the people and things that matter.
7. I am going to blog more.
8. I am going to get myself healthy ad get rid of this ulcer for good.
9. I need to work on realizing that all my actions including this one have significant effects on others and I need to think about those effects before acting.
10. I am going to get my Tattoo that I have been drawing and thinking about for 15 years now.

There they are it took me a while to get some resolutions down but i figure now is the time to implement these changes.


Anonymous said...

#7 contradicts #6

but hey.. sounds great Aaron !
well done... its your little manifesto.

i hope you get the tatt soon :P

Allan S. said...

Well go ahead Aaron! Papito you are ahead of the game if your thinking like this at such a tender age. Let love rule!

april said...

oh my god!!! finally I remember you talking about getting you tattoo when I go my first. Maybe we can make it a date cause I'm gonna get another one once Addie is born.