Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ahhh blogging is a wondrous thing

So i have been checking out my statcounter logs just to see who is coming and going and in general on how the blog is doing. Overall readership is steadily going up and it seems like a lot of people are coming here for technical support issues for macs and less for gay related things.

In fairness now that I am out I write much less on the subject of coming out and on being gay in a conservative environment.

Looking at my keyword analysis however provided some odd information. Its funny how the internet works but for some reason google directed someone to by blog who was looking for "60 year old Hoties"

Now this is fine but isnt it spelled hotties? Additionally it is unlikely you will find such content here. On occasion i shall post a beefy hottie or two but 60 is generally out of my picture porn range.

Carry on I suppose...

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