Friday, March 27, 2009

Alberta catches up on gay rights... maybe

I have lived in this often backwards province my whole life. As long as I can remember gay rights has been a contentious issue often used by conservative groups as a tool to ruin parties on the left. It seems like the days where gay rights can be used as a tool by members of the ruling conservative party are over.

The end comes surprisingly from within the party itself. I had a feeling that premier Ed Stelmach was going to be far more friendly to gay rights than the drunk was. I guess having a family member who is openly gay (and rather prominent in the community) helps a lot for tolerance.

So it looks like within a year or so Alberta will catch up to the supreme court decision that enshrined gay rights into Alberta law over 10 years ago. Adding this law to our charter of human rights.

This is a big victory for many of those who fought this government tooth and nail for so many years since the Delwin Vriend case and earlier.

Better late than never.

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