Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The dangers of daylight savings...

Its been a common thought that daylight savings tends to cause more car crashes. The going theory is that people are drowsy from the hour of sleep lost and therefore make poor decisions. Commonly it is known that it is the most dangerous time of year to be a pedestrian and crossing the road.

While stats don't lie I have unfortunately been given some first hand knowledge of this phenomena.

My mom called me last night and she sounded like shit. She goes on to say that she has some bad news and that both her and my dad were in separate car accidents. My dad's accident was the worst, a woman making a left hand turn didn't see him coming and he t-boned her across 4 lanes of traffic. Thankfully he and the woman he hit are fine. His car is totaled however, which to my dad is akin to having his legs and arms torn off. He loves those cars more than anything. My mom's accident was much more minor and everyone is ok from that one as well. What kills me though is she talked for like 10 min straight before she would tell me everyone was was ok. What a drama queen!

I came into work today to find out that 2 of my co-worker's kids also got into some serious accidents.

So please everyone exercise some caution when out on the roads today and please look both ways before crossing the street!

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Ian said...

to follow up on that, everyone make sure that you don't over-exert yourself, a year and a half ago I was doing 60-hour weeks at work (not including the hour train commute each way) and doing classes on the week-end, so I was wiped all the time. I finally cut back when I was crossing the street coming back from class and I got hit by a mini-van making a left-hand turn. Luckily he wasn't going that fast, so all I had was soft tissue damage, but it could have been more serious if I wasn't so lucky