Monday, March 02, 2009

Fuck you Microsoft.

So i have been playing with safari 4 beta the last while.

It is smoking fast and it has pretty much replaced firefox as my main browser.

It loads pages retarded fast even heavy pages like xtube eerrrr youtube render amazingly well.

The cover flow history feature is also super cool and runs surprisingly well even on my macbook.

The one problem i have is on hotmail.

You see microsoft builds a lot of their sites to run on microsoft explorer. Explorer without a doubt has horrifically bad web standards support. As a web designer i have spent a ton of hours making up for it's terrible inability to render pages they way they are supposed to display. Now some people will claim that Microsoft does this to make it so people can only use explorer to properly surf the web. I personally think they do it because they don't give a fuck about web standards.

So i have been totally unable to read any email on my hotmail account on safari and it is as usual because Microsoft is about 10 years behind the times.


Ian said...

The Microsoft Canada compound is about 6 blocks away form my house, and I've almost worn out the sockets on my left arm from all the fist shaking I do whenever I drive by it...Honestly, how hard is it for them to make a website that works to normal standards? It's not like they're this company that's being run out of some guys basement or something...

Allan S. said...

Oh how the mighty will fall.

Simon Thibault said...

i am having the same difficulty with safari4. any ways aorund it?

Aaron said...

Not that I have found so far i have been using firefox for my hotmail till microsoft gets there ass in gear