Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Harsh Reality

As some of you may know Tuesdays at my place is usually Gay reality tv night. We watch project runway canada and Rupaul's Drag Race. I should note that in canada we are a week behind on Drag Race so we have yet to see the finale.

Usually its a great chance to hang out and make catty comments about catty people. Last night's episodes however were less than fulfilling.

***** Spoilers Ahead******

The shenanigans last night that the producers pulled on Project Runway were total bullshit. Unlike last year when the mid season return of a contestant was a welcome event. Bringing back two recently booted contestants (that in my opinion got the boot legitimately) at the expense of one incredibly talented (Adejoke this means you) contestant and Kim was complete bullshit.

Made worse by the fact that the dresses done by the two returning contestants were not even close to as good as Sonny and Biffy's yet somehow they managed to tie them?

Fuck that.

Drag Race was not much better. How the pretty but ultimately useless Rebecca Glasscock keeps making it though I have no idea. I think Ru has a crush on the bitch or something. Chanel was by far the most talented drag queen on the damn show. Yes she was arrogant, needy and a bit of a bitch but thats the fucking point isn't it? Next time i am in vegas I am gonna see her show. Anyone who can juggle and still look fierce in a rhinestone g-string is Ok in my book.

Ok Rant over


Braden said...

Chanel? As if! Bitch was a circus act! The whole medusa thing a couple eps ago? Augh. Ongina should be taking the crown, hands down. I stopped caring after she left.

But I agree, compared to Glasscock, Chanel was the lesser of two evils.

Aaron said...

Thats why i thought chanel rocked she was such a vegas girl at least chanel could entertain all rebecca can do is sit there and look pretty.

I do agree tho ongina should have at least been final 3.

Tho i seriously want to see a show hosted by Nina flowers and Sheena from last season of top model