Thursday, March 26, 2009

somewhere in between

I have had so many things to blog about but lack of effort and flu have limited my need to do so.

So here is a quick summary of some big things that have been happening:

1. BEEF the Alberta Bear Bash party that I organize was a massive massive success. We broke a bar attendance record and sales record. The Bar was stuffed to capacity from about 9 pm on. Now that I am officially a party planner of sorts I have some big ideas for the next one. Beer tub cubs and a charity Jock strap auction. If you have a local queer cause that is looking for a sponsor please let me know. I am leaning towards putting the proceeds to the embattled Edmonton Pride Center who has been seriously fucked over the last few years.

2. Greg has been working his new job since monday and it seems to be going really well so far. The company has a silly name so I won't be sharing it here but it seems cool so far. I do kind of miss coming home and having him there getting supper ready. Its nice to have a houseboy. So we are officially looking for a new houseboy. Pay is negligible but you get to wear a kick ass uniform and rent is cheap.

3. The house i am in love with keeps dropping in price. Its killing me that I can't afford to sell my place and buy it right now.

4. On that note I am seriously considering renting out my spare bedroom for some extra income. It looks very likely that Ryan and Jim will be staying in Calgary for the next year or 2 so there is no point in me keeping Ryan's room empty.

5. We decided to go on an impromptu road trip this weekend to Calgary to hang out with the boys. This was needed after we found out my house boating trip this summer has been cancelled.

6. So after going without my tummy meds for about 2 weeks my perpetual heartburn is back. I need to go back onto them to get my ulcer back under control.

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