Thursday, April 30, 2009

Umm yes please

Handsome, captain of the football team, athletic, and a lawyer who fights for equal rights.
Ummm yes please. I will take 4.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

blog dreams

This is something that has happened to me a couple times already but i thought I would mention it here and see what others thought.

Is it weird for other bloggers to show up in your dreams? Now before you start getting dirty thoughts these are not sex dreams. Its like every once in a while a blogger will pop into a dream like a guest star.

I mean i am sure this says a lot about how digital networking is rewiring all of our brains but what does that say about me?

What do you think? Have you ever dreamed of a fellow blogger?

Spot on

I think Matthew McConaughey is a massive dinkus. Fewer people's careers in hollywood mystify me more (other than John travolta).

I think thats why I thoroughly enjoyed this so much.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Open wide...

I went to the Docs today to get my prescription renewed for my ulcer. All in all it was an ok visit. He wasn't happy that I was not seeing much improvement. I told him how i have been eliminating all the foods and drinks that irritate my tummy and that I was running out of things to cut out.

I am now getting scheduled for gastroscopy sometime within the next few months. I am not so impressed with this but i suppose it may be a good idea to see what is going on in there. Im a little apprehensive about going to the hospital and getting put under as I have never been there for me before. Im not looking forward to it.

At least i have a prescription for my tummy pills for a year now and i got to sleep in this morning.

Friday, April 24, 2009


This totally killed me today, songs re-imagined as dialog boxes. I definitely needed something to perk me up. I have been so drained lately with work. More here.

Massive webcrime takedown. The end of geocities

One of the largest enablers of webcrime terror on the internets today, has decided to close its doors. Today yahoo announced that GeoCities would be shutting down within a year.

Where will all of those shitty websites go with the flying toaster gifs? Where will the design disabled go to create lime green text on black pages about their stamp collection? Today was a victory for the internet. Sure it makes my job of finding these terrible sites a little tougher but I think I will manage there is still always myspace.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

its in the air

Yesterday on my way home I saw that Joey's (a local restaurant chain) had cleaned off their patio of all the winter garbage and leaves and had started to unpack the patio furniture.

This can only mean that spring really is here. It explains why i couldn't concentrate must be a mix of spring fever and cabin fever.

I can't resist the urge to go sit outside and enjoy a girly drink in the sun for much longer...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

And you though Drag race was fun

Where do i sign up as towel boy for the canadian edition?

Skanked from Kenneth in the 212.

O Oh Oh

I am having trouble focusing at work today. Im listening to my songbird and the one of the new yeah yeah yeahs songs came on. Dull life is definitely one of the highlights of a fantastic cd. I fucking love the lead singerKaren O she is like Chrissy Hind if Chrissy hind was batshit insane in a cool way.

What I would do to see them live.

Here is the full released video with some Andy warhol images.

I think you will agree however that there is no competeing with seeing them live here is a snipet.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tummy trouble

This weekend I said good bye to a few things. It has been at least 6 months since i was diagnosed with an ulcer and I have been doing my best to get rid of it. The doc said it was the result of poor food choices and too much stress.

At that point i made some life changes. I cut out red meat and the majority of my booze (no draft beer or hard alcohol). I dropped about 20 pounds by exercising more and eating better. I also tried to deal with my stress better at work. This led to my new interest in Buddhism.

In many ways this thing has been good for me. I am healthier and more spiritually engaged however often I feel like I am not as fun as I used to be staying out all night partying my ass off (greg and I went to the bar at 1145 last night for a bday and it was the first time in a looong while that i can remember going out at such a late hour).

While i may be fine the ulcer itself is not getting better. The doc said i would go through a period of trial and error in figuring out what irritates it. It seems all of my favorite things are on that list. So this weekend was for me to say goodbye to some of my favorite food for the next month or two. Cheese, icecream, cream, beer, pizza, salsa and chocolate are all completely banned from my diet for the next month.

I am writing this at 1:45 am because i can't sleep my heartburn is so bad it is making me nauseous. Bah damn body, once i nip this in the bud i am going to use the money i would normaly put towards my prescription for happy tummy pills towards a tattoo.

Friday, April 17, 2009

E -town In review

Apologies for the light blogging this week. I have been working my butt off.

Here are some Edmonton things I wanted to get to but couldn't so you are getting them now.

Apparently you can get drunk beat up a kid on crutches and then a security guard and still "sets a positive example for other officers" if your an Edmonton city police officer according to our police chief. What do you have to do to get fired at EPS?? There is no accountability or ethics left in the Edmonton police service.

The oilers finally did what they should have done a year or two ago in firing Craig Mactavish. The players stopped listening to him after the oilers went to the cup finals years ago. There are rumors that Kelly Buchburger will replace him. This may be an even worse option. I worry that the old boys club that runs the oilers is going to resign this team to mediocrity forever. Hopefully the new owner will clear out some dead wood.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


The rain last night cleaned everything up. The sun is shining, i just got some and all is good with the world.

So heres some perky saturday music! As xandydawatcher said earlierHAPPY JESUS DYING WEEKEND!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring showers

It is totally pouring out there. I love the first real rain of the spring. It cleans everything up so much. Edmonton is so gross and dirty this time of year.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The sound of...

On Sunday the fella and I jaunted over to our local technology superstore to spend a 250 dollar gift certificate I had won a while back. The speakers on my TV started crackling and popping a few months ago and it had been driving me insane ever since.

So we picked up a Bose Cinemate system. Its pretty much the low lowend of the Bose line but it was quiet a deal considering the gift certificate factored in. I had been a bit wary of Bose and there flashy and impressive demonstrations. But the price was right and i really didn't want to string up 5 speakers and the cinemate only has 2 (i fucking hate wire clutter).

The thing is for a lack of a better word amazing. I am hearing sounds in video games that I have never heard before. It was so worth the purchase. The only downside is there is no onscreen display for what your volume level is and there is no equalizer built into the thing.

Your future desktop

Brilliant design that removes program UI from the equation by building a multi-touch 3d physics driven space for managing documents and media. But will I be able to stand all the clutter?

Meet your future desktop.

On monogamy and sluttery

Steve from the view on superior is one of my favorite bloggers. I have really come to enjoy his thoughtful posts on many subjects (plus he posts some super hot pics of guys). Today he posted about his thoughts on monogamy and open relationships. Here's a quote.
I think most “good quality gay couples” accept monogamy by default and I happen to think that is the very best kind of relationship to have. In our society, monogamy is so pervasive that there’s really no acceptable alternative. I would think, and simply assume - that most gay male couples are content to follow the trend - and live under the concept of monogamy.
One of the things I have always found intriguing about being gay was it allowed you to pull yourself out of a hetero-normative world view and really question the validity of the social structures that surround us. I think questioning and exploring alternatives to the status quo is probably one of the most valuable habits a person can pick up.

So i thought to myself are most of the "good quality gay couples" i know willing to live under the concept of monogamy? The answer is most definitely no. All of my closest friends who also happen to be in long term relationships right now engage in at least some level of non-monogamous activity. This isn't even a generational divide it seems as they range in age from late 40's to early 20's. Some are legally married and have been together for over 10 years and others are at the beginning of something and others are straight couples that are exploring. It has been a running joke for a while now that we only make friends with sluts (because sluts are more fun :P) but i think that really white washes things.

These are people in happy committed relationships that have decided as a couple to explore alternatives to monogamy either as a couple or separately. I don't think this lessens the value or strength in the relationship however i am sure it has killed some relationships in the past but then so has monogamy.

I have always thought that following trends was not my thing (though to a certain extent it is unavoidable) however monogamy is not an institution that I am married to. I really do believe that it is far more valuable for couples to have open honest discussions about what they really want and don't want in a relationship rather than hope that this commitment to the institution of monogamy will get them through.

This world and life is such a vast adventure and I can't understand why we would artificially limit ourselves especially when you have a stable loving partner to explore with you.

So are you monogamous or open?

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Webcrimes Case 6: The case of the unfriendly flashbook

So one of the most fantastic features of internet is its ability to easily and rapidly provide information for our lazy asses.
Now one of the barriers to this is flash. Now don't get me wrong flash can be a fantastic tool when used properly. I have noticed a disturbing trend to use it for information applications that are totally not user friendly.

Nowhere is this more evident in the "flashbook". Which is the usage of flash to recreate the feeling of flipping through a book. This is one of the most frustrating design ideas ever. The
re is a reason people are using the internet instead of books to find information. Why don't we use flash to recreate an abacus? Because it doesn't make sense to do so. The other problem is that the flash book is rarely as user friendly as an actual book. This is lazy unfriendly design at its worst. All i wanted was find out if they had wings

So check out the site (its passable otherwise). However as the fella reminded me they clearly don't know how to insert statistic counter code so that it doesn't display on the screen. So instead they just hit enter like 20 times so that you have to scroll down to see the semi hidden ugly little counter at the bottom of the page. Poor form kids poor form.

Ask yourself why isnt this menu indexed for easy searching. Why can't I see images or drill down for more information on each item.

Friday, April 03, 2009

The great blue wang debate

Ok this debate has been raging in my group of friends for the last month or so. As some of you may know the movie The Watchmen based on the comic books by Allen Moore and David Gibbons features a god like character named Dr. Manhattan. Dr. Manhattan being godlike does not seem to feel the need for clothes. As such he walks around much of the movie with his gigantic blue peen dangling in front of the cameras.

It was a pleasant distraction to all the fantastic dystop
ian angst (the books are great btw you are missing a modern literature classic if you don't read it).

Which brings me to the debate. Is Dr. Manhattan cut or uncut?

In the comic it seems he is uncut and I would think because it is such a faithful adaptation of the books and since it is digitally created that in the movie it would also be so. I personally think this picture seems to indicate uncircumsized shlong to me. However lots of people have disagreed.

What do you think? I am going to have to wait for the blu-ray edition to fully *ahem* research the question.

Political power, religion and equal rights

As luck would have it Sullivan has posted and item that seems to really drive home what happens when religion is used to create political power imbalances. The results are heartbreaking. The sad thing is that this is happening every day all around us. The vast power of human cruelty put forth in the name of god by men is overwhelming.

It is not all bad however. Truth does win out. Congratulations to Iowa who's supreme court has approved gay marriage welcome to the club! I have to give major props to lambda legal who helped fund and cary on the fight for equality in Iowa. They are fighting court battles like this all over the US. You can donate to them here.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

how to spread democracy... cont

Stealing a method from bloggod Andrew Sullivan I thought Braden's comment on my previous post deserved a bit more spotlight (check out his blog btw it is totally worth it).
I can't...I don't even know what to do in the face of stories like this. It comes at such an awkward time, since at the U of L right now there is a HUGE campaign for awareness and education on Islam.

On one hand, I want to respond so strongly. This type of LEGISLATION, (not even belief) is so unbelievably evil and corrupt in every sense of the word. I feel so bad, so unimaginably horrible for the women and men who face these persecutions. I just want to lash out. How could anyone - and why SHOULD anyone - possibly want to give a religion that espouses this more than a passing glance, when it motivates such bigoted crimes against humanity!

But on the other hand, I know that in large part this is a corrupt Government leveraging the uneducated, hyper-religious population's beliefs for their own agenda. So in that sense, I cannot fault the religion itself.

It puts me in an uncomfortable situation. I know so many good religious people for whom a belief in a god is a positive affirming force that has carried them through terrible times. I'm sympathetic to religion, and I want to believe that faith can be a good thing if used properly. But the disuse of it is becoming so horrifically common, and the results so powerfully, IMPOSSIBLY sadistic, that I can't help but wish the Gods would all just go away...

The problem for me is not faith (in this case islam) but when faith meets politics. I think faith can be an amazing tool to create good in the world as long as that faith is based on intelligent and questioning analysis (blind faith has killed more people than all the plagues of the world (forgive the hyperbole but i couldn't think of a better comparison since war is so often faith based). In many ways the two have been intertwined in a clusterfuck for so long by those in power that for a long time two were indistinguishable.

The great promise of America was in many ways the tearing of these two institutions apart (or at least asking them to take a break from seeing each other for a while). Politicians are like sex addicts they can't resist using religion to gain power. Rather than presenting real ideas and solutions for people they resort to fear-mongering and scapegoating of minorities to gain support. You can see that every day in what is going on with the republicans down in the states.

How do we beat them? We have to support those who are being oppressed (please visit here and donate to help Iraq LGBT community) fight the lies that are spread by those who seek to gain power by turning us into victims and provide real ideas and solutions to provide an alternative for worshippers of the giant flying spaghetti monsters of the world. Ideas, determination and truth i think will save our asses from the evils of religion.

Product of a digital world

It is not the 1940's anymore. Being part of the digital generation means archaic things like cheques and money orders are something I am totally unfamiliar with.

Three years ago I acquired 8 cheques from my bank. I used the majority of them when I purchased my home and for setting up automatic deposits. It must have been at least a year since I have used one in fact I didn't realize it but i had used my last of the original 8 up sometime last year.

I ordered more (20) which is probably enough to get me trough to 2030 when i can pay using some sort of neural interface.

I had to fill out one today for 4 grand to pay the special levy the units in my condo complex was assessed (fucking gd condo!).

Needless to say i had no idea what to put where. I found this handy (but ugly) site that takes you through it step by step.

Am i the only one that has problems with this??

How to spread democracy...

The us supported regimes in Iraq and Afghanistan are off to a lovely start. Iraq is going to be performing mass legal slaughters of gays in the very near future and Afghanistan has legalized rape.

What a wonderful world US imperialism is creating.