Monday, April 27, 2009

Open wide...

I went to the Docs today to get my prescription renewed for my ulcer. All in all it was an ok visit. He wasn't happy that I was not seeing much improvement. I told him how i have been eliminating all the foods and drinks that irritate my tummy and that I was running out of things to cut out.

I am now getting scheduled for gastroscopy sometime within the next few months. I am not so impressed with this but i suppose it may be a good idea to see what is going on in there. Im a little apprehensive about going to the hospital and getting put under as I have never been there for me before. Im not looking forward to it.

At least i have a prescription for my tummy pills for a year now and i got to sleep in this morning.


Allan S. said...

Hey Aaron, have you looked into any natural or alternative remedies, like herbs, accupuncture, etc, etc?

Maybe your Chi is off and you need an aura cleansing. I'm just saying. It seems like you've been giving western medicine a good shot and helping you. Enhance the healing with some eastern methods.

Braden said...

Clearly its the holy ghost, attacking you for being a 'mo.

Kitty said...

Good-luck with your check and hopefully all goes well.

Aaron said...

Thanks Kitty, I will keep you all posted.

Allan, I have been looking into it. I am beginning to think that stress has far more to do with my problems than food.

I hate being dependent on meds to get through my day so alternatives are very appealing.