Thursday, April 02, 2009

Product of a digital world

It is not the 1940's anymore. Being part of the digital generation means archaic things like cheques and money orders are something I am totally unfamiliar with.

Three years ago I acquired 8 cheques from my bank. I used the majority of them when I purchased my home and for setting up automatic deposits. It must have been at least a year since I have used one in fact I didn't realize it but i had used my last of the original 8 up sometime last year.

I ordered more (20) which is probably enough to get me trough to 2030 when i can pay using some sort of neural interface.

I had to fill out one today for 4 grand to pay the special levy the units in my condo complex was assessed (fucking gd condo!).

Needless to say i had no idea what to put where. I found this handy (but ugly) site that takes you through it step by step.

Am i the only one that has problems with this??


Ian said...

I'm sorry Aaron, but the fact that you had to watch an online powerpoint presentation on how to fill out a cheque is kinda sad...

Aaron said...

its not something I do often and its not like the fields are labelled.
at least i am ummm pretty?