Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The sound of...

On Sunday the fella and I jaunted over to our local technology superstore to spend a 250 dollar gift certificate I had won a while back. The speakers on my TV started crackling and popping a few months ago and it had been driving me insane ever since.

So we picked up a Bose Cinemate system. Its pretty much the low lowend of the Bose line but it was quiet a deal considering the gift certificate factored in. I had been a bit wary of Bose and there flashy and impressive demonstrations. But the price was right and i really didn't want to string up 5 speakers and the cinemate only has 2 (i fucking hate wire clutter).

The thing is for a lack of a better word amazing. I am hearing sounds in video games that I have never heard before. It was so worth the purchase. The only downside is there is no onscreen display for what your volume level is and there is no equalizer built into the thing.

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