Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Webcrimes Case 6: The case of the unfriendly flashbook

So one of the most fantastic features of internet is its ability to easily and rapidly provide information for our lazy asses.
Now one of the barriers to this is flash. Now don't get me wrong flash can be a fantastic tool when used properly. I have noticed a disturbing trend to use it for information applications that are totally not user friendly.

Nowhere is this more evident in the "flashbook". Which is the usage of flash to recreate the feeling of flipping through a book. This is one of the most frustrating design ideas ever. The
re is a reason people are using the internet instead of books to find information. Why don't we use flash to recreate an abacus? Because it doesn't make sense to do so. The other problem is that the flash book is rarely as user friendly as an actual book. This is lazy unfriendly design at its worst. All i wanted was find out if they had wings

So check out the site (its passable otherwise). However as the fella reminded me they clearly don't know how to insert statistic counter code so that it doesn't display on the screen. So instead they just hit enter like 20 times so that you have to scroll down to see the semi hidden ugly little counter at the bottom of the page. Poor form kids poor form.

Ask yourself why isnt this menu indexed for easy searching. Why can't I see images or drill down for more information on each item.

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Greg said...

You forgot about the [div] [div] [div] [div] [div] [div] [div] [div] [div] [div] [div] [div] [div] [div] [div] stat-counter placement!