Saturday, May 30, 2009

the danger that lurks beneath

We had a fantastic night tonight. We went for some great beer and nachos on the Brewsters patio with Anna. Then we came back and watched the movie Teeth.

If you have not seen this movie go check it out. Basically it is about a young woman who has a set of teeth in her vagina. It touches on some really interesting subject matter in gender roles in a patriarchal society. Funny gory and kinda awesome.

Go check it out.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


In all the activity I forgot to report some awesomeness. My condo bans propane and charcoal bbqs. Grilling is the thing i miss most about living at my parents. Teusday my Aunt dropped off an electric BBQ and I had the first real bbq chicken sandwich in a while.

It was soo good.

the ravages of time continued

I don't think Greg and I slept much after we went back to bed. My mind was racing and every sound made me jump. In the morning i was awoken by the ambulance. Elsie was being taken inside followed by her daughter.

I hope they take her to get the help and support she needs.

Thanks everyone for the emails and comments.

The ravages of time

I was woken up at about 10 to 4 am this morning by a loud banging at my door and the screams of an 80 year old woman from the unit down the hall. She was begging for help. I opened my door and helped her in.

She was shaking like a leaf. Wild eyed with her white hair mussed in a way that made it look like the cat lady from the simpsons. She had always been quiet and well put together when I have seen her in the hall so seeing her like this was rather jarring.

She was babbling about a man who broke into her unit through her open kitchen window and that he was still inside her place

I immediately called 911. As i was relaying the information to the operator the old woman's story seemed discombobulated. The police arrived.

She was sitting on the bed Greg was consoling her. Still shaking she began to talk about a monkey poster or painting that the burglar put on her window and how he threw vegetables all over the floor.

At this point I began to think that this was not a home invasion but an invasion of a far more tragic kind.

She said her unit was 204. That unit was locked. It turns out her unit is 203. After sweeping the unit the hot cop said that there was no sign of entry. He asked me if i knew her well and if this could be a sign of dementia. I worked with dementia victims all throughout my university career and still deal with them occasionally at work.

I know the signs.

I know they were all there.

She kept saying that she had never done anything wrong to deserve this. Over and over.

Her words echoed in my head and broke my heart.

She is right she didn't do anything to deserve this. A thief has come in and is stealing things from her one by one and she does not even know it. She is on a very sad track and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

The edmonton city police were very very good. They listened to her calmed her found her walker and brought it to her and helped greg and I get her from my bedroom to the hall. All the while they were discretely trying to find out if there was anyone they could call. I applaud the sensitivity and professionalism that they showed in dealing with the situation.

She is gone now. I can no longer hear her in the hall. One of the officers is waiting with her i think until they can get a relative to come help her.

Soon she will have to move into a home. She will forget friends faces and lovers. She will lose herself and her ability to do simple tasks like brush her teeth or make it to the bathroom on time. It is a long slow robbery of what was once a life.

This is Alzheimer's.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Because i love the funny show and i think Sock is fucking hot you should go here and let your affiliate know you love the show as well. Thanks to reaperDMV for pointing me in the right direction.

Paula Simons on Bill 44

Paula does a great job in summarizing the history behind Bill 44 and what it means for education in the province.

I know i shouldn't care about it buuuuut....

Kitty fucking nails the John and Kate plus 8 bull that has been going on.

In good tv news its the Reaper season (or series) finale tonight so check it out!!

Enforcing ignorance and discrimination: Alberta bill 44 and California

Sad news today coming from the California supreme court ruling in favor of proposition 8. It is really heartbreaking that with all of the progress the lgbt community is making we are still facing huge setbacks. Most of the time these setbacks are the direct result of organized conservative religious groups who use faith as a shelter for bigotry and hatred.

I blogged a while back about Alberta's Bill 44 that would included sexuality under the Alberta Human Rights act. This has been long overdue and at first the bill seemed like it would be a great acknowledgement of equality.

Unfortunately this is not the case. Hidden in the bill was an inclusion of a section to appease the religious right in alberta. The bill would allow parents the right to remove kids from the classroom if the topic of sexuality or sexual orientation is brought up. This would also open up teachers to be prosecuted by the human rights commission in cases where they did not comply with a parent's wishes. This basically means that school curriculum becomes dictated by the religious minority in this province.

The legal and ethical issues that this bill brings up are numerous and far reaching and I would rather not get into them here as I am no legislative expert. What concerns me most is that this trojan horse bill is attacking the lgbt community at our point of strength.

They say the bill is intended to protect gays but really all it does is allow others to protect and ingrain ignorance into future generations. Overall we are winning the culture war. It is becoming a generational divide. Younger people are more likely to approve and support gay rights. I think much of this is due to that fact that so many people are coming out at a younger age thanks to overall cultural shifts and the support of education. When I was in high school there was no diversity club or safe place for lgbt people to go when they needed support now the majority of schools have something like that.

People are more likely to support us if they know us if they hear our stories and find out that yes we are like them and deserve out rights as well. This bill takes away our most powerful weapon which is truth.

Only in Alberta can a supposed "gay rights bill" end up leading to more hatred and violence. In many ways i see this is the direction the culture war is going to take. The conservatives are loosing terribly in demographics and pretty much on every other culture war front. I see them making a gambit on this sort of trickery which ends up giving them increasing power over education.

Unfortunately for them it is not going to work. They cannot force the wave of young out gays back in the closet. It is these brave souls that are the ones educating peers on sexual orientation just by living lives without fear or shame. Previous generations of rights activists have built a platform where it is more acceptible to come out now than ever before. This really is where the culture war is being won.

I have friends that are teachers and this bill worries me more for them than for myself. Gay rights are coming we are winning the war. This bill wont change that but it will make it harder to get to the goal of equality.

Let the Alberta government know your opinions by contacting Lindsay Blackett here.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Its time for another good idea bad idea

Good Idea: Celebrating your fella's birthday by going out for some delicious cheesecake with friends.

Bad Idea: Ordering two deep fried appetizers before hand along with the two massive cheesecake/ice-cream deserts while suffering from an ulcer that reacts to rich food.

I am sooo stupid. The ice-cream cheesecake banana split from the cheesecake factory was amazing however.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Its 11 AM on monday...

Someone shoot me...

This job is going to kill me one way or another.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Monday, May 04, 2009

Why my friends are awesome

I got this message from a friend overseas on facebook last night.