Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Dancing with myself

I have never been to a music festival. Despite making plans many times and either never having the money or time off to do it.

Here's an awesome clip via from the Sasquatch music fest.

Sigh maybe its not meant to be for me and music festivals. Rock on awkward dancing guy, rock on...


Allan S. said...

That was so cool! Let the tribes come together through music.

Braden said...

This guy was insane and on something all weekend. I stood in line at the showers with him earlier that morning and he was a perfectly normal dude hanging out in a speedo.

On the last night he was seriously tripping at the dance tent, climbing up and down the rafters and doing a lot of explicit air humping and trying to make out with girl and guy alike. Ridiculously entertaining stuff!

Aaron said...

"perfectly normal dude hanging out in a speedo"
I think says it all!

Braden said...

So apparently one of the girls in our group recognized this guy from a restaurant near her home in Calgary. Tiny-Shorts-Dancing-Guy is Alberta born and also apparently kind of a flamer, as well.

Some friends apparently visited him there and have added him to facebook. I love the internet.