Monday, June 08, 2009

Don't poke the bear spirt.

I survived my first stag party this weekend. I will be blogging about it more tomorrow. Lets just say it involved men in tights... I was sent home from work today at noon for being sick.

I slept maybe about an hour and a half last night. I am coming down with a cold or flu or something. I had some really bizarre fever dreams. The craziest one was basically me and a few others trying to walk through these buildings that had been bombed and shelled so they were basically skeletons of the town that was once there. As i walk through the town inanimate objects seem to come alive and start trying to eat me. Stuff like stones flowers and sticks. It all begins to degrade into a tim burtonesque experience where everything starts getting slightly twisted.

I get better at avoiding the killer items and soon make it to a field with a some large statues they appear to be like deities or native spirit guide statues. People are standing around admiring them. As soon as i approach circle the bear statues and the bull statues come to life and start crushing people. I run for cover and all the other statues start waking up and the large one in the center zeros in on me. It a 6 armed granite man with a crown and a face made out of moss and bugs. It grabs me and tells me they are taking me. Part of me is scared but another part realizes that this is the way things need to be. The world starts spinning.
Then i wake up.

So Greg is off to get me some nyquil with the hope of me maybe getting some more sleep sans crazy statue attacks.

He is so awesome.

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Ian said...

fuck the nyquil, you need some screech, that'll help you get to sleep