Tuesday, June 09, 2009

My ass is sore but my hair looks fierce.

I hate going to salons.
I am uncomfortable with the idle chit chat and with a stranger rubbing my head.
I am also a fucking cheap bastard and the prices are usually too outrageous.

After a terrible experience at first choice hair
cuts I had been cutting my own hair to hilarious effect for the last 6 months or so.

With the wedding on saturday and me being thrust into a situation where i have to look my best I decided to go to the salon and get my hair did. I find even when I am home sick i have trouble not being productive.

Sum totally for haircut and product and tip. 103 dollars. I think my jaw dropped a bit. Luckily the forming cream and shampoo i bought will las
t me for a year.

I still cant help but feel a tiny bit raped.

I cant argue with results however:


Allan S. said...

It looks awesome. I say it was worth the price, and you will look hot in the pics taken at the wedding.

BTW you are so giving this anime superboy undercover hero vibe with the look.

Dan said...

Jesus dude... go to Hair Garage 2 BLOCKS FROM YOUR HOUSE - 35$ for a salon haircut

Braden said...

Looks pretty awesome. It's probably about time I got my hair cut...seeing as how my last one was during the winter.

Kitty said...

Your hair is cute and I agree with Allan, very anime.

Aaron said...

Thanks for the comments everyone. I am all about rocking the anime look. Might have to do up a sketch get my drawing skills back :P