Thursday, July 23, 2009

The fertile chef

I am a food network dork. I think that and HGTV canada take up much of my tv viewing hours. Other than dick in butt porn nothing pleases me more than watching food being made. While my favorite show is probably diners drive-ins and dives i pretty much love most of the shows on that network.

One of those shows is the Iron Chef america. Today i found out that my fav chef Cat Cora (anyone that does a sambuca shot after every contest gets my vote) just had a baby with her girlfriend (the second one for them this year). Kudos ladies!


Allan S. said...

Okay, so what was this post about? I just stood dazed and aroused after reading "Other than dick in butt porn."

Aaron said...

Ha ha ha so not me at my most coherant, I was watching katie holmes suck it hardcore on So you think you can dance.

This great tv chef (who also happens to be a lesbien) just popped out a baby only a few months after her gf did. Imagine a house filled with two newborns. it is kinda crazy :P

Aaron said...

Then go back to a happy place by imagining more dick in butt porn!