Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fruit Float 2009

As a welcome change to the misery that is my work life my weekend was totally fantastic. We went camping near red deer for my buddy Craig's birthday. His family has a fantastic campsite right on the red deer river. It was pretty amazing.

On saturday we spent 7 and a half hours floating down the river. The weather was perfect and the company was good. We had planned for a 5 hour float but the river was slow. The only problem was we ran out of booze about half way through and Greg managed to get the worst tube sunburn I have ever seen (he even managed to burn his armpits!).

I even experienced one of those perfect moments where everything comes together perfectly and you want for nothing and all your cares slip away. Floating on that tube in the refreshing water with the sun beating down on me surrounded by friends. It really was great. That may even become my new happy place.

Here are some pics:

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Allan S. said...

I went tubing once myself. It was great, but I can't imagine it being enjoyable after two hours. Well, then again, we didn't have booze along for the ride. I guess that was the missing ingredient.

Next time I'll roll on down the river with a Stoli & Tonic in hand.