Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Massive Bear party success

The BEEF bear bash on saturday was a massive huge success. It took me a day or so to recover and some even longer than that.

It was far more work than I anticipated getting everything organized and we almost had a few near disasters but it worked out great thanks to the many volunteers.

The BBQ during the day was well attended ( i was at work so I missed out on that part). Attendance was up from last year's bbq but Daren still made way too much food (he is such a baba).

The party was packed and the charity jock auction went even better. We managed to raise over 1500 dollars for the pride center. This totally blew me away as I had expected maybe to raise 600 bucks. This was also the highest grossing fundraiser the bar had seen in a long time. Greg did really well he came in third raising over $300 for his jock. My fella is a hottie!

Jaret did a fantastic job of getting everyone ready and organized and basically told me to go get drunk and enjoy myself and let him take care of the raffle.

I took his advice and promptly had a boozy fun time.

I can't wait for the next one in October!

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Allan S. said...

Boozy fun times rock! Congratulations on a great event.