Friday, July 17, 2009

Media in review

So we there has been a ton happening in my world of entertainment. Here are some lightening reviews of the stuff Greg and I have seen and been enjoying.

  • UP: Offbeat, made me tear up a few times. Go see this you will love it. SQUIRREL!
  • Bruno: Disappointing but had its moments.
  • Harry Potter and the half blood prince: A chick flick disguised as a harry potter movie. It was still good but I wanted more action!
  • True Blood: Season 1 Worth it for the one liners alone. It has rapidly become my new favorite show.
  • True Blood: Season 2 Looks like it is shaping up to be a great new season with the addition of my all time favorite character actress Michelle Forbes
  • Torchwood: We have been burning through the far superior season 2 in preparation for season 3. I love how post gay it is.
  • Canada's Next top Model: This season has blown away anything I have seen in Tyra's bloated worn out offerings the last 3 years. Host and producer Jay Manuel (Mr. J) really pulled out all the stops and showed how this franchise could really churn out the entertainment. If you are a fan at all of the US version you should check this out and see how great it is without Tyra. Worth it for just Jay's subtle jabs at tyra. Go Linsay!!

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