Monday, July 13, 2009

On Bruno

The fella and I had a pretty fantastic weekend. Saturday was really great we went out for nachos and a pint and then checked out Bruno in one of the newly renovated theaters at city center.

Bruno was ok. Greg liked Borat much more and I just thought it showed how far we had to go. There were more than a few laughs and a few couples that left during the movie. Yes it was a bit of a minstrel show but I found that it was kind of twisted in the fact that the theater was filled with gays and young guys. I just thought it was funny that these straight guys were coming to see a movie that featured a spinning penis scene. I am sure they are not confronted with that much gay ever.

Its not the end of the gay rights movement and I don't see how it could really be damaging in any lasting relevant way. I would say you are probably better off renting it than seeing it in theaters.

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Kitty said...

The gay husband and I are going to see it this Sunday. I think having no expectations for this movie as far as cultural significance goes probably helps when viewing it. It's just dumb and crass antics played for laughs from what I've seen. I figure that this one is on the same level of The Hangover, just dumb and crass.