Friday, August 28, 2009

Dodging Disaster

Today I had to re-register my car. In typical airhead fashion I went to the registries office without my insurance. I walk back home and start searching my car for my insurance.

After tearing it apart I find an old copy of my insurance that expired in like 2008. After a frantic search of my filing cabinet i managed to find a pristine pink card in some insurance documents. I have been driving for almost a year without my insurance in my car.

It would have been a huge fine I think if I had been stopped without it.

Its a good thing I walk almost everywhere.

Man i can be such a flake sometimes.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Swift Summer

It seems as of last thursday fall is beginning to loom on the horizon. Even though today is warm and sunny with not a cloud in the sky you can still feel it. Smell it.

On Saturday we took the super cool Edmonton Street car over to the the Edmonton Fringe Festival. Unfortunately all the shows we wanted to see were sold out. So the highlight was sitting at the beer gardens soaking up the heat and the delicious grasshopper beer. We ended up meeting up with some friends from Vancouver and showing them around a bit. It was a great weekend but i can't help feeling it was the last true one of the summer.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Aquatic assault by the bears!

Photos are still trickling out from the fantastic gay campout we went to August long. They had those inflatable pools filled with very cold water.

As with all pools there is always some bullies. It seems being 5'4 makes me an automatic target for these guys.

Apparently when my nuts hit cold water I get automatic gay face ... At least you can't here my masculine screams ;)

Monday, August 24, 2009

DADT another reason why the US is totally ridiculous sometimes

It boggles my mind that the archaic DADT policy is still in place in the US especially given the fact that in Canada and Britain we have had openly gay service members for ages now. How do the conservative arguments stand up when there are clear examples that it does not negatively affect the troops.

A blogger whom I had the pleasure to meet a BEEF bear party last fall Justin Elzie has written an excellent article on the subject that you can read here. Justin has first hand knowledge of the inner workings and effect of DADT on a person's life and it is a good read.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The return of music

Sometimes when you get so wrapped up in work and the bullshit that goes along with it you forget the simple things in life that make you happy.

I think most of my posts this week will be dealing with this theme. So far I am working on rediscovering drawing, music and cooking.

I have not listened to any new music in so long. So many of my favorite bands have released some great new tunes and I have let them slip by. I went on a bit of a downloading frenzy a week or so ago and have been re-immersing myself in music. My soul feels lighter for it.

So far my favorite rediscovery has been Metric who i have mentioned a few times on the blog. They put on perhaps the best live show I have ever seen. I am glad there new album fantasies is so damn good.

Since I ended up working extra hours from 12 to 2:30 am last night i felt this song was appropriate.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

CUBFORCE 5 (ish): Introducing Bear-Boy!

I will be doing a series of these in an attempt to get my drawing skills back to where they were a year or so ago. It had been so long since i have drawn anything. I am trying to find my style again. This one is done in a completely different manner than I usually draw so it is a bit rough. More realistic will never be my thing i think.

Introducing Bear-Boy!
Mauled by a bear. Aren Arcadius found that he took on the strength speed and appetites of a bear. He began to use these newfound powers to fight crime as Bear-Boy!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Review: District 9

We just got out of the opening for District 9. By Neill Blomkamp the movie is the best sci fi movie and possibly the best movie I have seen in over 4 years.

Shot on a shoestring budget in semi-documentary style District 9 is a gritty allegory for aparthied and a scathing commentary on human nature. It was funny gory intense nerve wracking to watch.

I almost had to look away at some points.

The cgi prawn creatures were by far the most realistic cgi i have ever seen. Every moment and every effect was done to perfection. There were so many WOW SHIT that was awesome moments.

I may go see it again this weekend. You should see it soon.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Paperless Generation

I have been doing my best the last few months to be less wasteful and more organized when it comes to paper. Basically I am trying to go paperless.

At work this has been a tougher battle than I had anticipated. We are a multi-generational office with a couple of young people and a larger group of older people (50+). The younger group is trying to push things to a paperless system (electronic faxes and document storage). There has been a lot of resistance from the old guard to moving in this direction.

Watching how much they waste paper is ridiculous. Our vp of operations uses a rolodex of cards she has had since 1995. It has since fallen off the roll and now sits in a cardbox like an old school library. These guys are the types that will print off an email and hand it out to people in the office (that makes me wince every time). Even when I ask for something to be emailed to me I get a paper copy from them. It is like they can not read anything unless it is printed out.

In some ways i think it truly is a generational thing. I think my mom is the same way. Its like tangibility makes something more legitimate. Me all i see is sad dead trees and waste.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Oh Apple how i love thee

I just found out that I am getting the brand new operating system (os x 10.6 snow leopard) for both of my new xserves for a grand total of $19.00

Thank you Up-to-date program!

Oh I will give you a double double

Joe.My.God reported today Tim Horton's a canadian donut chain that is also owned by the same group that owns Wendys is sponsering a National Organization for Marriage anti-gay event in Rhode Island.

For those of you who don't know NOM was responsible for those terrible lie filled anti-gay "gathering storm" ads. They are also one of the major sources of anti gay activity in the states. For a major canadian chain to allow one of there locations to sponsor this type of event is unacceptable. You can let corporate know how displeased you are with them for allowing their name and logo to be used by bigots here:

Tim Hortons has given a response. I wonder how this slipped through their approval machine. Usually with franchises you can't even fart without permission from head office.

Tim Hortons responds to inquiries about Rhode Island event sponsorship

Recently, Tim Hortons was approached in Rhode Island to provide free coffee and products for a local event, as we do thousands of times a year across Canada and the United States.

For 45 years, Tim Hortons and its store owners have practiced a philosophy of giving back to the communities in which we operate. As a company, our primary focus is on helping children and supporting fundraising events for non-profit organizations and registered charities.

For this reason, Tim Hortons has not sponsored those representing religious groups, political affiliates or lobby groups.

It has come to our attention that the Rhode Island event organizer and purpose of the event fall outside of our sponsorship guidelines. As such, Tim Hortons can not provide support at the event.

Tim Hortons and its store owners have always welcomed all families and communities to its restaurants and will continue to do so. We apologize for any misunderstanding or inconvenience this may have caused.

Friday, August 07, 2009

LOL the hate away

Hat tip to Anna. This is brilliant!

OS X xserve review

Work this week was kind of hellish. I had a 16 hour day on monday. About 2 weeks ago we got 2 brand new xserves which are mac osx servers.

Now I am many things ("a sure thing" says the red deer boys) but I am no server expert. While they certainly were not as simple to set up as apple advertises. Now that I am in the groove and have had a few long nights configuring them (it is amazing what one checkmark on a preference pane can fuck up) I am enjoying the experience. Before we were running everything on a fedora server that had to be managed by an outside contractor who's availability was sketchy at best.

Now I can control my whole server room from my laptop anywhere in the world. It really is fantastic. They are so powerful.

There are some limitations that make me rather frustrated. Apple advertises its server admin app as a one stop location to control your entire server. This is definitely not the case. The server apps feel a little half baked and flakey. Kind of slow to respond and crash often they are definitely not what what I expect from my apple experience.

The other major limitation is the lack of a php customization GUI built in. It would be so great if they included one like they do with apache. Maybe now that they are no longer pushing webobjects they can push for some increased support for php and mysql in the next version of server.

So I was a little disappointed with the xserve experience but now that things are up and running I am loving it.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Gay Camping CUBFORCE 5 (ish) update

Gay camping was fantastic.

Day 1: Things get a little crazy when Ryan digs into his birthday gift (a 40 or jager) and we all proceed to get rather drunk and dance our assess off
at the hall. I wake up with a small chip in my tooth from a beer bottle and ryan wakes up with mustard all over his face. Everyone else wakes up unscathed but mildly hungover (except for the fella who never gets hangovers that bastard). It was awesome.

Day 2: I learn what a dental dam is. We cavort in the p
ool and generally enjoy the wonderful weather. CUBFORCE 5 (ish) debuts its superhero aw
esomeness. We are one member short because one of us stayed in Calgary. We had the Cub Scout, Lesbian Lumberjack (i think Lumberjane would have been a good name), Bear Boy and PowerFIST. The team and costumes were a big hit. So many awesome groups showed up there was one that was the whole batman family (they even had a bat cave base!). We partied it up again and generally had a fantastic time.

Day 3: Worn out from the last two nights we go into town where Matt and Randall make us the best breakfast I have had in years. While there i get called "a sure thing" by the boys. This thought perplexes me for the rest of the day. It took 4 hours to eat and get back to the campsite. We missed out on the majority of the mud wrestling but spent the rest of the day nursing hangovers and hanging out with the bears in the pool. The rain starts and continues almost all night but does not slow down the
partying in the hall. It was a much more mellow night that the previous ones. Everyone is tired and their livers are on the cusp of complete failure. Jim turns into a drag queen however (sans dress) and proceeds to dance the night away.
Day 4: Home time. Time to pack up soggy tents and drive home. I have a wicked bad sore throat and I am tiiiiired.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Webcrimes Case 7: Sometime I do not understand people who have vaginas

This weekend's gay campout was super super fun. So epic and educational.
I learned about a hair product called bumpits. When i read that title i see the word bum pits rather than the intended Bump its. Already I am worried about where this case is going to take me.

So before i start this rant let me say. I think these things are insane and totally ridiculous. The fact that there is a market for these th
ings makes me worry about the future of the human race.

The website is a mix of hapazard font design and pixelated pictures of women who I think are supposed to look stylish. I almost wonder if this was created by a man who was trying to appeal to feminine sensibilities but said male had never seen or met a woman before in real life.

I can almost hear this designer thinking "Hmmmm the word happy is not feminine enough What if i make the font pink, hmm no that may be a bit too much and i dont want it to blend in with the rest of the pink on this page. Hmm I will make it a super elegant font , yes thats in the right direction but still not girly enough. I know! I will misspell happy to make it girly!"

Fucking brilliant.

Add to that a mix webcrime staples of blinking gifs frameand terrible 3d rendered clip art (roman columns) and you have a very classic and feminine disaster.

You need to watch the comercial video below.