Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Aquatic assault by the bears!

Photos are still trickling out from the fantastic gay campout we went to August long. They had those inflatable pools filled with very cold water.

As with all pools there is always some bullies. It seems being 5'4 makes me an automatic target for these guys.

Apparently when my nuts hit cold water I get automatic gay face ... At least you can't here my masculine screams ;)

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Brian said...

Hey...looks like you're having a great time...lol. I'm kicking myself that I couldn't/would'nt/didn't go to WCPF. I'm a closet case guy in east central alberta. Was really looking forward to meeting other people in a friendly relaxed atmosphere - wasn't sure I was "party animal" enough to go tho!!

After seeing all the fun people had...I really want to go next year. Did you go to the autumn event they had on the Labor Day long as well?