Sunday, August 16, 2009

CUBFORCE 5 (ish): Introducing Bear-Boy!

I will be doing a series of these in an attempt to get my drawing skills back to where they were a year or so ago. It had been so long since i have drawn anything. I am trying to find my style again. This one is done in a completely different manner than I usually draw so it is a bit rough. More realistic will never be my thing i think.

Introducing Bear-Boy!
Mauled by a bear. Aren Arcadius found that he took on the strength speed and appetites of a bear. He began to use these newfound powers to fight crime as Bear-Boy!


lelocolon said...

Hot, cool and suave. Great work

Mr. Hurley said...

Hahahhahaha there's a serious discrepancy between the inspiration and actualization of this look. Nice arms?

Aaron said...

Just wait till i do your mister hurley!!

My ass looks the same tho :P