Monday, August 24, 2009

DADT another reason why the US is totally ridiculous sometimes

It boggles my mind that the archaic DADT policy is still in place in the US especially given the fact that in Canada and Britain we have had openly gay service members for ages now. How do the conservative arguments stand up when there are clear examples that it does not negatively affect the troops.

A blogger whom I had the pleasure to meet a BEEF bear party last fall Justin Elzie has written an excellent article on the subject that you can read here. Justin has first hand knowledge of the inner workings and effect of DADT on a person's life and it is a good read.


Allan S. said...

Papito, your southern buddy thinks about heading north at times. Things down here are getting critical.

lelocolon said...

Obama and his administration is fucking up in so many levels is not even phony. I think that Obama is becoming more of a cosmetic presence than anything else. In spite of the fact that he attracted millions to the polls he is letting a minimal voice dictate his agenda. Maybe we are just seeing the beginning of another civil war.