Thursday, August 06, 2009

Gay Camping CUBFORCE 5 (ish) update

Gay camping was fantastic.

Day 1: Things get a little crazy when Ryan digs into his birthday gift (a 40 or jager) and we all proceed to get rather drunk and dance our assess off
at the hall. I wake up with a small chip in my tooth from a beer bottle and ryan wakes up with mustard all over his face. Everyone else wakes up unscathed but mildly hungover (except for the fella who never gets hangovers that bastard). It was awesome.

Day 2: I learn what a dental dam is. We cavort in the p
ool and generally enjoy the wonderful weather. CUBFORCE 5 (ish) debuts its superhero aw
esomeness. We are one member short because one of us stayed in Calgary. We had the Cub Scout, Lesbian Lumberjack (i think Lumberjane would have been a good name), Bear Boy and PowerFIST. The team and costumes were a big hit. So many awesome groups showed up there was one that was the whole batman family (they even had a bat cave base!). We partied it up again and generally had a fantastic time.

Day 3: Worn out from the last two nights we go into town where Matt and Randall make us the best breakfast I have had in years. While there i get called "a sure thing" by the boys. This thought perplexes me for the rest of the day. It took 4 hours to eat and get back to the campsite. We missed out on the majority of the mud wrestling but spent the rest of the day nursing hangovers and hanging out with the bears in the pool. The rain starts and continues almost all night but does not slow down the
partying in the hall. It was a much more mellow night that the previous ones. Everyone is tired and their livers are on the cusp of complete failure. Jim turns into a drag queen however (sans dress) and proceeds to dance the night away.
Day 4: Home time. Time to pack up soggy tents and drive home. I have a wicked bad sore throat and I am tiiiiired.


Allan S. said...

Aaron, you look so fetching as a superhero! Woof!

Aaron said...

Thanks Allan!