Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Paperless Generation

I have been doing my best the last few months to be less wasteful and more organized when it comes to paper. Basically I am trying to go paperless.

At work this has been a tougher battle than I had anticipated. We are a multi-generational office with a couple of young people and a larger group of older people (50+). The younger group is trying to push things to a paperless system (electronic faxes and document storage). There has been a lot of resistance from the old guard to moving in this direction.

Watching how much they waste paper is ridiculous. Our vp of operations uses a rolodex of cards she has had since 1995. It has since fallen off the roll and now sits in a cardbox like an old school library. These guys are the types that will print off an email and hand it out to people in the office (that makes me wince every time). Even when I ask for something to be emailed to me I get a paper copy from them. It is like they can not read anything unless it is printed out.

In some ways i think it truly is a generational thing. I think my mom is the same way. Its like tangibility makes something more legitimate. Me all i see is sad dead trees and waste.

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