Friday, August 14, 2009

Review: District 9

We just got out of the opening for District 9. By Neill Blomkamp the movie is the best sci fi movie and possibly the best movie I have seen in over 4 years.

Shot on a shoestring budget in semi-documentary style District 9 is a gritty allegory for aparthied and a scathing commentary on human nature. It was funny gory intense nerve wracking to watch.

I almost had to look away at some points.

The cgi prawn creatures were by far the most realistic cgi i have ever seen. Every moment and every effect was done to perfection. There were so many WOW SHIT that was awesome moments.

I may go see it again this weekend. You should see it soon.


Braden said...

Im so excited for this movie! Good to hear it's not a let down!

Allan S. said...

I was intrigued after reading your post and went to go see the film. I really enjoyed it.

I walked away thinking that white-collar folks need to wake up and realize how they are assisting oppressive forces.

Mikus went dirty when he threaten Christopher with taking away his son, because Christopher question the legality of his actions. Then Mikus goes home to suburbia to serve cake to his guest.

lelocolon said...

I am still settling in my reaction. I thought the creatures were fantastic. The plot was some what on the right direction. Not Happy with Nigerians as flesh eaters, that is too much xenophobia for my taste.
The balancing part on it, was that humans can be fucking brutal to that which they do not understand.