Monday, August 03, 2009

Webcrimes Case 7: Sometime I do not understand people who have vaginas

This weekend's gay campout was super super fun. So epic and educational.
I learned about a hair product called bumpits. When i read that title i see the word bum pits rather than the intended Bump its. Already I am worried about where this case is going to take me.

So before i start this rant let me say. I think these things are insane and totally ridiculous. The fact that there is a market for these th
ings makes me worry about the future of the human race.

The website is a mix of hapazard font design and pixelated pictures of women who I think are supposed to look stylish. I almost wonder if this was created by a man who was trying to appeal to feminine sensibilities but said male had never seen or met a woman before in real life.

I can almost hear this designer thinking "Hmmmm the word happy is not feminine enough What if i make the font pink, hmm no that may be a bit too much and i dont want it to blend in with the rest of the pink on this page. Hmm I will make it a super elegant font , yes thats in the right direction but still not girly enough. I know! I will misspell happy to make it girly!"

Fucking brilliant.

Add to that a mix webcrime staples of blinking gifs frameand terrible 3d rendered clip art (roman columns) and you have a very classic and feminine disaster.

You need to watch the comercial video below.


Allan S. said...

At the end of the day, people want to look attractive, so that they can get fucked.

This is no different from the cock ring, jock strap, make-up and cute outfit one puts on.

Yes, it's a cheesy presentation. Hey, humans are known to be cheesy.

Ian said...

you know, if I was hit on the back of my head hard enough to get bumps as big as the ones those girls got, i still would feel less brain damaged as I feel after watching that video...

Anonymous said...

their hair is so big cos its full of secrets...