Monday, September 28, 2009

Matt Tomljenovich, Amazing Race's super hot cub

*** Update I have posted some shirtless pics of Matt here***

I spent most of yesterday cuddled up on the couch watching TV and nursing an epic hangover from my birthday party on Saturday.

The highlight of the evening was definitely the amazing race. One of the new contestants is an ultra hot cub name Matt Tomlienovich.

I am soo hoping for some shirtless shots of him to come out.


Friday, September 25, 2009

This can't be a good sign

I don't know why but for some reason Lady Marmalade has been suck in my head all day mostly the portion sung by Christina Agulara. I don't know what my brain is trying to tell me but it can't be good.

I finally got my money back from the bank which is fantastic and means ill be able to buy some supplies for the epic toga/birthday party comin up.

I am on the last day of my detox. All in all it wasn't as tough as i expected. The booze was the easiest to go without. The cheese and deep fried food less so. I had about 4 slip ups but they were all worth it or due to a lack of alternatives. On the plus side at lunch today Erin mentioned that my skin looked great and that it looks like i have lost weight. I am gonna have to test this out when i get home. It's nice to have some good feedback. I don't feel much different but its nice to know i can set my mind to something and accomplish it. I just hope this going without helped my ulcer stabilize a bit.

That being said i still plan on partying it up this weekend, its gonna be fucking great!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Help prevent the alberta conservatives from repeating the mistakes of the past.

The alberta government has decided to close a large number of critical care beds in Alberta hospital.

Alberta hospital is a critical element of the health care system in Alberta. It provides numerous services for the mentally ill and distressed, services that are not available anywhere else in the province and services that are critical to the community.

The conservative party as a cost cutting measure has decided to close the hospital down. Stating that the individuals it served would be better served in the community. This is the same argument that drove the de-institutionalization movement in the 1970s.

The problem with this argument is in many ways de-institutionalization was a failure. Many of those displaced from care became homeless. Which is why today a disproportionately large amount of homeless suffer from mental illnesses. The community programs that were supposed to help better serve these people never materialized or were never properly supported.

Ed Stelmach wants to repeat this set of mistakes by closing the last true facility designed to deal with those people who can't be treated within the community. It is a massive mistake and I worry about what will happen to a group of people who's needs are not served by society and politicians.

I am working on getting some number from a few of my old psychology classes to give a full picture of what the government is really doing to the mentally ill here.

Check out this commercial by the aupe and go here to get a petition.
Mental illness can affect any family at any time please help save alberta hospital.

adventures In identity theft part 2

So I still have not been reimbursed for the amount stolen from me by the assholes who skimmed my debit card.

I get paid once a month at the end of the month which usually means I have to budget pretty tightly in order to have any cash the last week of the month. I am doubley fucked right now as all the careful budgeting in the world can not help an emptied account.

I am trying to get things ready for my birthday party this weekend but I can't go out and get anything till the bank reimburses me. I don't want to have to rely on the fella because that isnt fair to him.


Now that is fucking fierce

If any of you have not seen the nightline interview with Tyra banks you should check it out. It totally brings the LOLs. It was nice to see someone take her to task for being such a bitch to people. Her fake forced smile was totally worth it. Check out this parody video. Its awesome.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ahh karma

And i was beginning to think she had abandoned us.

I don't know what it is about conservatives and hypocrisy but they should know by know that they are just playing with fire.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Im one of those

Hat tip to Kitty
This story made my day.

Favorite Story From The Frontlines On 9/12

"...How long ago was it that a black woman would be denied entrance to a whites-only restroom? Well, at one point in the afternoon, a white woman wearing a shirt that said "Kill Fags," which appeared to be a homemade silkscreen job, felt a similar call of nature. At the door of [A LOCAL SPORTS BAR], she met Matt [LAST NAME REDACTED], one of the bar's managers. He told her that she could not use the restroom.

"So you're refusing?" she asked.

"Yes," Matt said. "There's no public option here."

"Bastard," she said.

"I can do you one better," Matt said. "I suck cock."

He then put his tongue in his cheek and cupped his hand, moving it back and forth in front of his mouth in the internationally-recognized gesture for fellatio.

"I'm one of those," he said, pointing at her shirt. She left to find a bathroom more accommodating to her sort."

-by Colin Sweeney @ The Awl

Adventures In identity theft

So i got a call this morning from the bank saying there has been some suspicious activity on my debit card.

Turns out they drained out my entire chequing account and almost a third of my savings.

I luckily had enough left for my mortgage payment today.

I am always very careful of where my card is swiped and who is watching when i put in my pin. What I don't understand is why they won't tell me where the skim of my card occurred. Wouldn't it benefit them to not have to deal with these thefts by educating customers to avoid certain places?

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Calgary pride

Well greg and I made it home safe and sound from Calgary Pride.

It was a fantastic trip!

The wedding on saturday was amazing. They had it on the edge of a ravine that overlooked the hills and prairie all the way up to the rocky mountains.

Pride was good. The beer gardens were poorly run however and that was more than a little disappointing.

I am starting a two week detox with my buddy Eoin(well started yesterday). No fried food, caffeine, sweets, pop,booze or cheese. So far it is going well. I still feel run down however.

Sad but true Pt two

He wont leave me alone. His grammar is getting more confusing. I feel bad for the guy being so insecure.

Douchey guy: it does... but alas the main difference between garbage like you and I is... I don't need to validate my existence by having attached guys fulfill my insecurities. clearly, the path you're walking down is very successful. I spent my year and a half in purgatory. now I am back in Toronto. thank-god and by-the-way it's not... "your still floating around..." it's you're. you're far too ugly to have attitude buddy

Czarcub: Seems to me like i have things pretty good. Great boyfriend, fantastic friends, fulfilling job, a house, a car and a cat.

Seems to me like i don't have much to be insecure about.

I am not the one here with insecurity issues. You messaged me with the attitude. Scream for attention somewhere else princess and take you judgmental heteronormative attitude with you.

Since Halifax didn't work and neither did alberta maybe you should try the priesthood. I here they love judgy fugly fucked up bitches there.

This will be my last response to him. I have to many good things to celebrate.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Sad but true

I have not been randomly attacked online in a while. This one was from a guy I met at camping.

We chatted for a while about a year ago and I got tired of his bitchy demeanour and general negativity.

The funny thing is wasn't even cruising online when I got this message. I would say 90% of my gay friends are on Bear411. It has been the centre of my online life for years, long before facebook became popular (that is kinda sad all on its own). I couldn't help but reply.

CHRISHALIFAX:don't you have a boyfriend? don't you think it's just SLIGHTLY trashy to be cruising on chat?

CZARCUB (me): What we do under the auspices of our relationship is not your business. Glad your still floating around putting so much positive energy out into the world. I am sure that is doing well for you...

It may be raining but the storm clouds are gone

I didn't sleep a wink last night. But for some reason I am still in a really good mood.

Heres some dreamy friday tunes from empire of the sun.

Have a great long weekend everyone!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Snow Leopard and a dead Server Admin

At my work we have two xserves running leopard server 10.5.8 . Overall they have been very easy to manage (however the 10.5.8 update did mess up one of the system's static IP addresses).

I have upgraded my office system to snow leopard. Of course with any upgrade there is bound to be trouble. Crossover (which is currently my favorite app) needs to be updated as it no longer runs.

Worst of all Server Admin was unable to access my xserves. Every time it connected you would get:
Server admin wants to use the "PrivateEncryptedDatak" keychain
Of course no matter what you enter as the password the password gets rejected and Server Admin can not connect to the xserve. Now there is very little about this message in relation to Snow leopard so I had to do some research. Apparently it related to Adobe AIR.

Now I have never had a reason to use adobe AIR and as far as i am concerned it is useless bloatware.

To fix this problem simply uninstall adobe AIR by going to utilities and selecting the handy uninstall app. Voila problem fixed and Server Admin is able to connect. Hope this saves some people some grief.